So here i am again a little after 6 am, four days after my beloved woody has passed away, at this time in the morning we would have breakfast together and have a nice cuddle. I still find myself looking out for you when i go out back and listen out for your sweet little meow even though i know your gone. I say a prayer for you every night and hope that you are safe and in gods grace. I will allways love you woody. I am picking your ashes up tomorrow so at least youl be home with your family again xxxxx i just want this pain to stop
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Very sorry for the loss of your friend Woody. I've been there, dreading the day when my girl came home for the last time. Now...when I look at the place with her favorite toys and other treasures, sometimes there's tears, sometimes a smile. Hoping peace comes to you.

Blessings to your family and Woody.

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