We have a 13yrd old miniature schnauzer and he has congestive heart failure.  His heart has enlarged greatly and he had so much fluid swell into his abdomen that he is now on Lasik, a diuretic along with enalipril and vetmeden.  They are trying to get as much fluid out of him as possible and use that medication to slow any fluid leak in his little body.

We got him in 2007 before we were married and he's our whole little world.  Walks, toys, beds, grooming, special treats, etc.  he has had it all.   The vet said the prognosis is not good.  Could be a couple days or up to a year.

We are in such grief, pain, personal anguish over this and all the while, minus his lethargy and diminishing appetite, he's perfectly fine.

I don't know if we need, help or prayers or both.  We hurt beyond words.  I haven't cried this much even over some relatives that have passed.
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I`m sending you prayers. Its going to be such a tough time for you right now, and I know you are in such grief over your little dog. We share our home and our hearts with these beautiful little ones, and the possibility of losing them is too much to bear.  I`m totally with you over not crying as much over family members - I am exactly the same, its that thing called unconditional love that our animals give so much of, and unlike people, they ask so little in return. Take care, and enjoy every minute you have with him. 

                                                                         Hugs, Jackie
J Taylor
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So sorry for your curgent medical situation. ..... it is very stressful...Prayers are going your way. May he recover and stay longer with you. Hugs!!!
Frosty Joy 5/14 - 7/16
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Thank you so much for your kind words, they mean so much to us right now. 

We know that he's not like he used to be, and since the medication there have been spurts of energy, but we both know that the end will come sooner or later.  We hope it is later and hope it as painless and quick as possible.  We've thought about a home vet coming in to assist whenever the end comes, but then that seems like the emotion would be too overwhelming.

We just pray every day.
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