It's been two months since I lost my precious Bearkitty. I'm beginning to feel a little better, but sometimes some little thing will trigger a memory and  I'm filled with raw grief again. I know it takes time, but I think that I will forever be effected in some way by this loss for as long as I live. I know that I will go on, and I will love other fur babies for all that will make them unique and special just as I did my Bearkitty. The love will never be exactly the's not supposed to be, but I will promise to love each of them  with all my heart, as it should be.

My precious Bearkitty...Oh how I miss you, my little tuxedo man. I'm so thankful for the 9 beautiful years that you were here with me. I will miss you for all the days we are apart, until I see you at the rainbow bridge. You were truly one of the great loves of my life. Even if I knew how our story would go I would do it all again. Your presence in my life was a gift and I will always hold onto that. You will aways be my little bitty kitty...I love you.
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Prayers to you. What a wonderful tribute to your Bearkitty!

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Awww, Cynthia.  I think it's so wonderful and sweet knowing what a precious love you and Bear Kitty had for each other.  I know it's still hard after two months.  Every time I feel like I'm doing better, I fall back again with grief.  I had an episode yesterday where I was just a bawling and poor Cookie didn't know what to think.  I'm so sorry it still hurts so bad at times for you too. 

You are so right.  There is that one special furbaby that commands our heart and fills it with such love for them.  I know Bear Kitty was the one for you.  It is a precious gift to have such an unconditional love from that special baby.  You and I were both so blessed to have that with our precious kitties. 

Thinking of you, Cynthia.

Hugs from Texas!

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A beautiful, heartfelt tribute to Bearkitty. 

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It's so true, Cynthia, even though time passes and one gets better and not quite so raw, those triggers keep coming.  I'm at 7 months this weekend and a trigger hit me today and made me cry for a moment.  I really don't know how long it continues.  I beginning to think maybe it doesn't stop in this lifetime.  Anyway, I'm glad you are getting better.   I agree with you 100%, that even knowing the pain that would come, I'd do it all over again, too!  It is SO worth it. 

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