It's been over 3 years Since we were forced to put down Guardian are lab husky wolf Aussie mix. He was a rescued litter of puppies 2 generations removed from a high percentage wolf dog. I rescued him and found homes for his sister's who looked like Aussies but ended up having more wolf like behavior then Gaurdian who ended up looking like a lab with some wolf in him. I had no idea when I rescued the litter that they were wolf dogs it was a DNA test that told us Gaurdian was around a quarter wolf. Thank God I didn't know as I was pregnant and would not have risked bringing a wolf dog into the home. Gaurdian had weird, endearing qualities. Gaurdian liked to pilfer things like socks and my kids toys. He would then place them in a shallow hole and cover them with grass he had picked. Another time we had to leave him locked in are bedroom because an repair man was coming when we were not home. He dug up a bit of carpet trying to get out however when we got home it went in noticed because Gaurdian put each piece of carpet back it wasn't till my foot brushed it I noticed. I have a hundred stories and every day no matter how hard I try I can't not think of him. We adopted an lab mix shortly after he died in fact Duke was born the day Gaurdian passed Duke is a sweet dog who my youngest son loves. But where Gaurdian was regal Duke is goofy. Any way they just shut down a puppy mill near where we live and some of the dogs seized are wolf dogs. My husband wants to rescue one as the whole family misses Gaurdian terribly . The thing is we got lucky. All of Gaurdian's sister's ended up being rehomed from the original people who took them as they were destructive, escape artist and prone to wandering. Gaurdian had some of these traits but he was sly like his version of being distructive was to walk by and bite the cable and Ethernet cables. We never once caught him doing it but every once in a while the cable would go out and the cable was bit in half right where he had been lol. He was manageable not all wolf dogs are though. And I am almost 20 years older than I was when we got him he took a lot of training like a lot a lot. My health is poor and I know my husband won't do the training no matter what he says. We do have the room and I miss Gaurdian terribly I cry at least once a week. Plus the wolf dog pups do need homes with people that understand there unique needs. I don't know what to do. I know we have experience and room. But it won't be him and I'm not sure are home is the right place.
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Some of the same issues bother me. I recently lost my best friend and found my self looking for the same mix/appearance as her. But it would never be the same. Do what feels right in your heart but he/she will never be able to replace Guardian or live up to your memories of him. Cherish the memories and time you had together. If getting another wolf dog is right, it will happen.
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I’m so sorry for your loss. I’ve been trying to write Guardian as you have his name spelled but my auto correct keeps changing it and I can’t seem to get it to stay so I do apologize!
It’s so tempting to try and re-capture what you had with Guardian. Your head tells you that this will be a different dog but your heart thinks of all the similarities there may be. Your head is right unfortunately.
I also noticed you said that Duke is a sweet dog who your “youngest son loves” and the whole family misses Guardian terribly. Have you stopped to think how you feel about Duke? My bet would be that you love him much more than you realize and you know that he is a young dog so it’s okay for him to be goofy. As he grows older he will lose that sense of play and I’m afraid you may feel you missed out. You loved Guardian so much and it’s okay to grieve him and all the quirky and endearing habits he had but please do give Duke a chance to show you he can be just as endearing but in his own way. I’m not a huge believer in coincidences. Duke being born the day Guardian dies. Seems like Guardian wanted you to have a good companion but not a dog who would replace his adorable, quirky ways.
You said it yourself. You got lucky with Guardian. Another wolf dog may have destructive habits that would be very difficult to deal with especially since you already have a dog. The last thing you would need is to have to try and rehome a dog. It would be heartbreaking for you. I think you already know what the right thing is.

My suggestion would be to help find these dogs good homes if you are able to do that. It could be a great way to honour of your wonderful Guardian!
Meantime if you can spend some time playing and just being goofy with Duke. Give your tired heart a break and just allow some sunshine in. It’s what Guardian would want, to see you having fun and feeling happy.
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