I thought I would be over it by now....
My beloved Molly (14) passed nearly a year ago, (god knows how I am going to be on her anniversary) I have spent the last year in a sort of limbo mode, not really caring about anything or anyone which I know is probably a bit selfish.
The day she passed - I cant even think about it, she was my whole world and best friend, we knew it had to be done for her and our sake, she had been so ill and we kept her going as log as we possibly could, money was no option...
I shared many precious moments with her, helping her deliver her puppies, she trusted me to look after them like they were my own, she comforted me when my father passed, she covered me in licks (kisses) and she knew I was sad.
I have been so lost without her and sometimes I wish I was wherever she is
I was hoping to be a bit over it by now but no.... does it ever leave you?
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