It's been almost a week (a week tomorrow) and I miss Muddle desperately.  Before he got sick we were planning a trip to California this coming November (Me, my husband, my mom and our two dogs on a cross country trip from IN in the car), but it got cancelled over 3 months ago.

We used the money for his pacemaker and although it was only 3 months that money was worth spending on him to give him more time.  Next year or the year after when we catch up from all we spent, I hope to take him on his final car ride as I promised him, I still remember him kissing me when I told him and whether that was out of excitement or he couldn't understand me, I think he would have wanted that.  

So here goes to planning and saving.  Something to keep my mind busy, yet on him.  I haven't decided if I will spread his ashes this way as I once thought or if I will be selfish and keep them, but I think he would have wanted to come, so I will bring them.
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Sorry for your loss of Muddle. I think a final car ride with your muddle would be great. I lost my little man 10/1 and think if him every second if the day,
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I'm sorry for your loss.  I am sure he will enjoy the car ride.  Our babies are worth every penny, you can't put a price on love.  Would give everything I have to have my Dali back

Dali, as much a daughter as any human...  pure love
Until we meet again

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I am so sorry for your loss of Muddle. I think we all put every cent into our fur baby's to keep them with us. I am sure you will make the decision for him to make the final car ride. May you find peace.
Thoughts and Prayers to you
God Bless
Susan Turner
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