It's been almost 3 weeks since I lost my Daisy and I still cry every day.  I just miss her so much I can't stand it.  I keep thinking that if I hadn't made the decision to put her to sleep, she might still be with me today.  I feel so bereft.
I wish I could know for sure that I did the right thing.  But the thing is, I'll never really know for sure.  I wish I could tell her how sorry I am, that I made a mistake, and ask her to forgive me.  This is awful.
Teri Milbourn
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Oh sweet Teri, I am so, so sorry for what you are experiencing. Please know that you are not alone. Daisy is still with you in spirit and all of us here on the forum are all with you in comradeship.

Its been 13 weeks for me this week since I made the decision to put my cat Marmalade to sleep, and I am also 2nd guessing myself endlessly. And living in total regret and guilt on top of my overwhelming grief. I am hoping I will heal and recover, but my heart and my will is completely shattered. My World was changed forever with the loss of my best friend. I hope in time to come, we will find the light again in our lives...

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So sorry for your loss. The feelings of guilt that you are describing is very similar to what a lot of us feel. My beautiful Maddie had cancer for the 2nd time and I knew she was suffering..even at that I felt guilt about letting her pass...but in time I became very clear that it was my complete unconditional love for her that had me make that difficult decision. I loved her so much that I did not want to keep her here suffering so that I didn't have to lose her...That's what true love is...when we make difficult decisions that put our loved one over ourselves...sending you love and prayers...Judylinn
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I am very sorry about the loss of your precious Daisy and the continuing grief and guilt that you are feeling.  We all go through the grief process at different speeds.  Unfortunately, it is very common to still be crying and feeling intense grief after three weeks.  Guilt is often mixed with grief. 

You must have let your Daisy go because she was suffering in some way and/or had illness or injury of some kind. Usually, the decision to put a beloved fur baby to sleep is made out of unselfish love for your baby.  Once you start experiencing the emptiness that goes with loss and grief, the desire to have your baby back is very intense.  But do you want the Daisy as she was as the end back or the active, healthy Daisy as she was earlier?    

You are with people who understand your grief, guilt and other feelings and are on the same journey as you are.  We can't make the pain go away but we can be here with you as you go through it.
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Well said Patsy. A poignant and true comment as always.

My best & kindest regards,
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I cried every day for 6 weeks after my cat Roger died. He was euthanized on June 9th due to kidney disease. He was my pride and joy. Although it gets easier, I still break down and cry sometimes. Just remember that you loved Daisy and gave her a happy, loving home. Also, Daisy wouldn't want to you to be sad for the rest of your life. She would want you to be happy and love again.
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I still miss my Cat Maya whom I had
to put to sleep too!

And,we hate doing it because we
believe that we could of done 
more to save them from such
a horrible fate.

Yet,we did not want them to
suffer so we did what we 
did because we loved them.

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