The 13th has been a month since we said goodbye to our baby boy Wallace. I still can't think about him without tearing up. Looking at his pictures tears a hole in my heart. Our other two dogs are depressed. I feel like a part of our home is missing, like we are missing a part of ourselves. We are considering getting a puppy so our daughter can grow up with a dog and maybe it will help ease all of our pain and decrease the void. All of it is so confusing and sad. I just miss him.
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Dear wallymom. I'm very sorry for the loss of your beautiful Wallace.i completely understand about part of your home missing and yourselves as I'm feeling the same. I also have a huge void but just cannot get a new pet at this stage. I've been 6 weeks since my kitty left me . Hugs.
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Winston left me 3/2/16.  I still grieve, and cry for him daily.  I still can't look at my favorite pic. of him yet, or listen to music as every song reminds me of something about him.  He also left a huge hole in OUR home and in my Heart.  You wll know when the time is right to get a new pup.  Don't rush into anything.  Good luck  Sue
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