We lost our precious Christopher 8 months ago. We still have his bed under ours. His perch is still in the window. I just gave his toys to my son for his cat. I also gave him one of Christopher's blankets. Oh how we loved our boy. I think of that last dreaded day. When we made the decision to let him cross the rainbow bridge. I still see him cuddled up in his bed having a hard time breathing. We didn't want him to suffer. He didn't deserve to. We had him 16 wonderful years. His Daddy's buddy and my baby. We love and miss you little boy. Our hearts are still broken 💔
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I am sorry for your loss of your sweet and special boy Christopher. I had Jagger for almost 17 years when I had to make that dreaded decision. Like your Christopher, he had a good long life. But I wish he could have stayed with me longer. I hope in time the happy memories of Christopher comfort you. You didn't want him to suffer and I am sure he doesn't want you to suffer.

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I'm so sorry. Sending hugs.
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I’m sorry for your loss of Christopher. Grief takes time to work through, it’s never easy. You loved your boy so much. Eventually memories of that last horrible day will start to be replaced by fun memories of happy times. You can’t rush it though unfortunately. This is a good place to work through your feelings.
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So sorry for your loss. The first year is the very hardest. What I learned in my process of grief was to allow the pain to come and cry or yell it out. When we hold it in it gets even worse. Today is the day Maddie passed 9 years ago...and though I still miss her...I have come to acceptance but it took quite a while. The love will remain in your heart forever..sending you love Judy 😉
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Thank you all for your kind words of support. We do talk about our happy memories with him. I don't know why I can't get that horrible day out of my mind. It happened so fast and we were in shock. We feel we didn't give him a proper goodbye. I know he knew how much we loved him. We showed him every day. I never thought I could love a cat so much. Our life and house is empty without him. I won't get another. At this point in our life it would be too hard to go through that again. There will never be another Christopher.
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I'm so sorry Joyce. I know exactly how you feel. The loss of my dear Henry is still so terribly hard for me. I also gave his box of toys to my daughter for her cat and a blanket that he loved so much.
I talk to him all the time hoping that somehow he hears me.
I will never get another cat either. Henry was pretty unique both physically, with his thumbs lol, and his funny personality.
What we wouldn't give to just have even another hour with them.
I wish you as much comfort and peace as possible.
That's what your very dear Christopher would want for you.

Many Hugs,
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Dear Joyce,

I am so sorry and saddened for your loss of Christopher. As I am for Carol, Judy and Sharon and of course my friend Jan and all of their individual losses. I lost my boy 12 weeks ago yesterday. He was believed to be around 13 years old. He was an orange & white tabby cat named "Marmalade." He was my best friend, my son, my brother, my comrade in arms, my only remaining family, my love and the light in my life. He was a "King." The leader of a colony of feral and stray cats, when our paths crossed in the high desert country of New Mexico 850 miles away. Fate brought us together. 

I did not plan on having another cat in my lifetime, but a small kitten, whose parents were both taken and killed by coyotes in our neighborhood attacked him the kitten too but he escaped. He had wounds on his back and hind quarters. He started to hang-out at a neighbors house on their porch and two of their cats were also taken by coyotes. I have been fostering him the last 3 weeks. He had no one to help him and take care of him and was just far too vulnerable, so I felt I had to help him. He is very kind, sweet, smart and silly. He deserved a chance he was so brave & courageous for such a little fellow.

Kind regards,
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