My precious keeten Wiley. ..it is now 40 weeks i am living apart from u, my best friend. It seems as the year mark is getting closer, it is getting harder as the first couple weeks. It seems like I went through a roller coaster ride kind of flatlining in the middle, headimg now up the next hill as my heart and mind are realizing u have been gone almost a year. The stark reality is hitting me that one year will lead to two, three....five....10...
So many years i will be living this life without u and i am so devastated I can't fathom how my heart will ever heal, my keeten lover sweet.
I know time does not exist where u are and when i do see u again it will be, for u, just like when i would go to work and u waited by the door for me, knowing i was only going to be gone a little while. ..
But for me, i will be running to u, calling out ur name and when I see u I will scoop u up like i always did and i will drown myself in that long awaited kitten hug and i will sing Best Friend to u as u cling to my shoulder purring... burying ur face in my neck and i will never let u go. My tears will soak into ur beautiful fur until i know it is not a dream and we are once again together. ...
Tears fall now thinking of that moment and just wanting so badly to hold u now and always...
I miss u so much, my keeten.
I sometimes do not know which was broken worse, my heart or my soul as I feel i died with u that summer day. How could i know it would be our last?
I should have stayed home from work. I should have never left u. I should have taken u to a specialist sooner. I should have been able to save u ...
I should have. ..

I love u so much, my best friend. .. my keeten.
The world is just not the same without u.
My world is just not the same without u.

40 weeks. ..
I love u, Wiley (((kitten hugs))))
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dear wiley's mum. oh i am so sorry to read this. i was hoping in time that we can adjust again eventhough our hearts are broken. im only 4 weeks into this and totally lost. im not sure either what to look forward to or how to cope. i lost my beautiful kitty after 18years. the last day of his life will always break my heart. hugs. ellen xx
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Oh Ellen i am so sorry for ur loss xoxo my heart breaks with yours it is such a painful tging to lose such a beautiful life.
I do have days where I'm not crying all day but I do cry when I wake up and when I go to bed and then there's other days when I still have to walk away from what I'm doing and shed tears. Everyone told me it would get better and it has in the past with other animals that I have lost... Not that I didn't love them as much, my animals I've always been the most important thing to me... But Wiley and I had this incredible special bond and I am so lost without it. I have 8 other beautiful kitties and I love them with all my heart and I am grateful they are here because after 40 weeks, nobody wants to hear that I still miss my cat. Everyone just keeps telling me it's the circle of life, everyone has to go at some point, hes in a better place. ... and yes all of those things are true,
But when u lose ur best friend, ur soulmate. ...
Nothing can ever fill that void.
My other kitties comfort me with so much love and humor... I pray everyday nothing happens to any of them.
My only Solace over Wiley being gone is that God has promised me I will be with him again. The only problem is I want him here with me now...

I know that your heart is breaking in the same way... I would love to hear about your baby if you are able to talk about them. It always helps to share memories even if they are painful right now. But if you want to talk I'm here.

Love and prayers, Stacie
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Thank you Stacie. I will stay in touch. I'm trying not to cry tonight so I will leave my story for another day. Briefly though I live on my own a bit of a homebody and was happy here with my kitty. Totally lost and it doesn't feel real so I have a long long road. Xx
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((((HUGS))))) I understand all too well :(
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Wiley   I am so sorry for the loss of Wiley.  I lost Winston 3/2/16 and I still grieve heavily for him.  I see his beautiful face everywhere I go.  He is in every room in OUR house.  I have adopted a little dog since.  He is not to replace Winston, but I was very lonely here by myself.  He is a good little boy.  I am still fostering animals.  It helps my lonileness.  I am getting an older female Daschund tonight that will be a long term foster. 

I am able to give these animals the love I had left for Winston.  I wish you Luck.  Blessings  Sue
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Hi Stacie,
Wow! 40 weeks - how the time flies I think it's so wonderful how you pay tribute to your beloved Wiley. It must make him so very proud!
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how time flies, 40 weeks seems like a long time, and i bet with the one year anniversay being months away....all your feelings will come back. I know mine did, when I lost my baby Daizy, last Jan 2015........going on one year and four months.............and I too...........do not want to think of two years, then three years etc..even 10 years without my babies..........that thought just literally rips up my heart. Even though our pets have no worries, I seem to worry alot!!Your Wiley loves you and yes it will only feel like a day of being apart..............wishing you strength as each day goes on....


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Thank u everyone xoxo its so hard.. im grateful all of u have taken the time to read about my keeten. ..my beautiful boy Wiley... and for all the encouragement and kindness.
Im so sorry u all know how i feel because u all are going thru the same thing.

Praying God's Peace upon u all (((HUGS)))

Love, Stacie
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