******TRIGGER WARNING --  DEATH DETAILS******

A little over a year ago our neighbor moved, and a cat was left behind.  It turned out it was a stray that he had been feeding.  We already have a dog, and two rats (my daughter's), and couldn't really take on any other animals (especially since the head of the house is allergic to cats). We began feeding the cat, and got close to it.  We built a little fort outside, along with a food and water bowl, etc.  We live in south Florida, so the weather is almost always temperate.   My daughter and I grew to love this cat.  Today I discovered that it had been hit by a car along with another cat (apparently a companion stray) the night before.  The other cat died immediately (from what my other neighbor told me), and our cat stayed with it.  Our cat had a dislocated eye, and a severe head wound.  We took her to the vet, and the vet said it would be almost 500 for an X-Ray alone, and we ended up having to put her down.  My daughter still has no idea what happened (we found all of this out while she was in school).  She is an adult (18), but emotionally still very much a child.  She has never dealt with the death of a pet before (outside of fish, and one of her pet rats dying of a respiratory illness).  Nothing like this.  I myself am torn apart.  What makes it worse is the that she could have lived if not for finances.  The senseless and painful way she died.  The fact that she was trying to comfort my crying all the way to the vet.  The fact that maybe it wasn't so serious.  Why couldn't the vet tell us more?  All she said was that her other eye was extremely dilated.  And I was too much of a coward to be there as they put her down. 
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Oh my you are being WAY too hard on yourself.  Most likely the kitty was in a tremendous amount of pain and would not have had any quality of life----MONEY or NOT.  There comes a time when life alone is not something ANY of us would want.  There just HAS to be QUALITY of life for it to be worthwhile.

I can only assume that the Vet understood what this little one would be facing and IF you had asked I am sure she would have told you and been willing to do more even if she disagreed with your decision.

As for being with her at her final moments I am sure that many people do NOT realize exactly how that happens and are fearful of seeing everything.  I have had to put down 2 pets in the past few years and I was with them both.  Our kitty was 20 and just had NO quality of life left at all, it was her time and she went very peacefully, we were able to love her and talk to her till she just went peacefully to sleep.

Our recent little 14 year old beagle was a whole different story and while that last afternoon is forever SEARED into my brain it was the stroke that was HORRIBLE and not the final act.  There again she just went to sleep, but before that she was so FRANTIC there was no comforting her and I didn't even think that she could even hear me.  That was hard but the final procedure is not something really to fear.

Yes it is hard, don't misunderstand me I have not recovered yet from losing Molly, my heart and soul, but I DO know we did the right thing.  Even if there had been a possibility of her living after that terrible stroke which blinded her instantly, she would not have had any quality of life.

Try not to beat yourself up over this and DO be honest with your daughter.  I truly believe you had no choice.  Most Vet's are not in a hurry to put any animal down and I feel certain that if you went back and talked to her she would tell you how awful this little ones life would have been had you proceeded to try to save her life.
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Thank you, Beaglemomma.  It's just the thought that what if we could have just nursed her, and she would have been fine.  We don't know what kind of head trauma she suffered, or the extent to how bad it was.  She recognized us.  She had hid under a car all night.  Even though her eye wound looked severe, and her mouth seemed to be lethargic, she seemed as conscious as she always was.  She wouldn't move from under the car she hid under though, we had to go to her following her meowing.  She must have been traumatized.  I'm beside myself.  I wanted to do more.  I wasn't in the position financially.  I'm having a lot of regrets now.  Thank you for your kind words, and you do have good points.  
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