My little mini yorki Chuy was my shadow for 6 years. My constant companion and true soul mate. He was with me through the darkest of days and the recent sweet days. I recently got married and my husband has 2 large dogs- 1 male Malmute 1 female Wnglish Mastiff. They all along well, despite Chuy & the male Malamute getting to jealous tiffs. With this recent marriage came a move to a home. Due to Chuy “spritzing” on everything I chose to let him live in the large air conditioned walk-in dog house outside so he could roam free in the backyard with the other 2. He also had his own little play pen that housed his food/water and his kennel or his own little “house”. He loved his house. Wednesday morning I went out to check on him and I found him unresponsive beside his playpen, inside the large dog house. The large Malamute was lying next to him. I rushed him to the vet and they said he had Blunt Force Trauma to the head. I have no proof, but I’m 100% certain the Malamute did this. He was in an oxygen incubator for a day and a half, basically on life support and brain dead. I would go in every couple of hours & just hold him, kiss his little face & tell him I loved him & how sorry I was. Finally, on Friday afternoon as my mother & I sat and I held him, he took his last breath in my arms. I see his face in my sleep, I wake up hearing him cry outside. I’m absolutely heartbroken that this happened & it was my fault. Why did I let him stay outside? What was he thinking as it happened? Was he in pain as he laid there and his little brain was swelling? Did he cry out for me & I couldn’t hear him? All of these thoughts are tearing me apart! I’m scared I will hate my husbands dog forever. I just need to know that my baby is now ok & not alone & that he knows just how sorry I am that I didn’t protect him like I should have.... my sweet baby boy I love you with everything I am until I too take my last breath.
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I wish I had words that could help you. Your loss is so raw and your grief is so deep that I don’t know if words would even make a difference. This is a terribly difficult situation and your blame of yourself is going to comlicate your grief. You said that your little guy loved his little house and play area, so he was not unhappy there. It is hard to imagine that their was a jealous tiff going on because the humans were not around so neither dog was vying for attention. Unfortunately you will never know what happened but if there were no visible marks on Chuy it doesn’t sound like the other dog picked him up-you would have seen teeth marks somewhere. I am not a professional so I don’t have anything that I can say which would be helpful. I encourage you to find someone to help you work thru this as the ramifications on your marriage are huge. And you have a dog that you currently hold responsible for your babies death but that dog came with your husband.
. Even if something had happened in the house-your baby falling and hitting his head or something falling on him you would still blame yourself. I do believe we all blame ourselves a little when we lose our babies-should we have noticed something sooner, did we miss something, did we do enough and on and on. Losing these precious souls from our lives is heartwrenching and it hurts no matter what. Please be gentle with yourself, keep talking and find a trusted person to help guide you through this. I am so terribly sorry.
Chuy was adorable. My heart breaks for you. Hugs.
Hunter’s Mom
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Thank you so much for your kind words. I told my husband I think his dog killed Chuy and he didn’t respond- He feels the same but can’t bring himself to actually say it & I can’t blamw him. He and I are fine, but he’s aware it will take a long time, if ever, for me to have anything to do with his dog.
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I am truly sorry for your loss of Chuy.  I agree with Lisa, we tend to blame ourselves when we lose our babies.  The What if's? are endless, and usually without an answer.
 The pictures tell a story of a love and unbreakable bond between you and Chuy.  Chuy is a cutie, he now lives secured inside your heart.  Hugs.
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Chuy123 please don’t blame yourself, my little girl Lilly passed away 12 months ago this Friday and I still go through all the guilt thoughts in my mind, why didn’t I have the guts to hold her little paw when she took her last breath why did I leave town and leave her at my mums { mum fell on her } but it doesn’t help! Our babies are no longer with us and our lives will never be the same, how can they be our babies were our lives, not a day goes past I still don’t shed a tear but the horrible dread of what’s happened does lessen.
My thoughts are with you, your gorgeous boy was so cute.
Oh if you are having him cremated we put Lillie’s ashes into a teddy bear and had a verse engraved on it’s foot, I take teddy to bed every night and cuddle it knowing she’s inside helps. take care Dave
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I am truly sorry for your loss. I know the heartbreak that you are feeling. I also know how much we want to beat ourselves up over things that happen to our babies. Chuy knows how much you love and care for him and does not blame you one bit. You gave him a beautiful life and you brought much happiness to him. I will not lie to you and tell you the pain goes away quickly. It is a very long painful road but one day you will cry a little less and you’ll think of your beautiful Chuy and it’ll bring a smile to your heart. Take care of yourself during these first few weeks that are oh so difficult. Keep posting and talking about him, it helps.
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You did your best. You did what you thought was right to take care of your Chuy. And, it was right. You had no possible way of knowing anything would happen. It seems like you don't have absolute proof that the other dog did anything, so please don't take it out on the other dogs and your new husband. I wish someone would come up with the perfect words to say. I just wish you well, and hope you'll soon find peace.
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