Unfortunately my Maggie, the sweetest kitty ever, passed away very recently from kidney issues. 

It broke me beyond belief. She was one of my babies and letting her go was the most painful thing I've ever had to do. I felt like I was drowning everyday in despair. 

I'm away, so I wasn't there for her. I felt awful. Like she would never forgive me, and I would never forgive myself. 


A week later, my sister was home alone at night. We have a house, with a garden. Next to us, on the right, another house. And next to us, on the left, an empty lot (full of weeds and plants). We live in a dead end street in a quiet neighbourhood. So we always recognise the cats that appear on our street. So that night, my sister was alone. No new cats were seen in our area. And she starts listening to a cry. A cat crying. She though it was one of the child cats we help in our garden (there's a family of cats we feed and give a place to sleep in our garden). So she went to our garden to see what was going on. She saw all the cats we knew but the crying wouldn't stop. So she peaked to the empty lot next door. There, in the middle of a dark night, was a black baby cat. Really really small. This baby was probably not even 1 month. 

It came out of nowhere. And my sister found her. A black baby cat in the middle of the night, in an empty field full of weeds. 


We kept her. We can't help but think it was Maggie giving us a sign. Telling us thank you for being such a great family. Thank you for having me all these years. And now that I'm not here, help her. She's alone and she'll die without help. I trust you to help this baby like you helped me. 


Am I going too far? Do you think it was her saying thank you and I'm ok? 

I believe so. And the kitty is now getting really attached to my sister. She's always trying to climb up my sister. She drinks her bottle every 2/3 hours. And she's getting healthier and healthier. 

Thank you for reading

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I believe Maggie gave your sister a sign to go rescue that helpless kitten. Especially at night in the dark and a black kitten too that needed her then!! I am sorry for the loss of your cat too. I loss mine to kidney failure at 19 yrs old.. 4 days ago. I miss him soo much. I know it was his time but it doesn't make it easier. I really believe that their spirit is still with us. I have felt it with my other cats before. I am so glad your sister is taking good care of the furbaby. Hugs to both of you's. Xo
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I absolutely believe it was a sign. Our dear neighbors who always watched our beloved Zeke when ever we had to fly somewhere were heartbroken like us when Zeke died. We rescued a "new" dog from a rescue shelter but they were talking about getting one themselves. On a rainy night a little dog that had obviously been out for a few weeks on her own showed up at their door scratching. When they opened the door, the dog just walked in like she lived there. I believe it was Zeke sending them this dog. I believe your Maggie was doing the same. Thank you for sharing your heart warming story. --Ted
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