It has been 4 weeks and it still hurts. I had trouble getting registered, but reading your posts helped so much. Bob, my special boy, was diagnosed with cancer when he had trouble breathing. The vet said that chemo could work well with cats and that they don't have the same bad reactions as humans. We started treatment. After just 2 weeks, one day after a treatment, he all of a sudden started having a bad reaction. I didn't know what to do. We took him to emergency that night. They said that he was so weak and that he might die if we left him there or he might die at home or might last until we got him to our vet in the morning. We couldn't leave him at the clinic because we didn't want him to die alone. The next day he was worse. My vet wouldn't help unless we dropped him off and they would get to him in between others. I am still mad about that. We knew that he didn't have long because of the cancer, so we decided that it was time to help him go. Fortunately, we have a vet that will come to your home so that they don't have to go into the clinic. I was so upset. I couldn't believe it was all happening.The vet who came said that we were doing the right thing because she could tell that he didn't have long. We said good-by while we were able to hold him and tell him how much we loved him. I still couldn't believe it. One day we were sitting outside together and he was fine, and the next day he was dead. I know that it is my denial, but I still can't believe that he is gone. I have the same quilt as all of you thinking "did we do the right thing in getting treatment? Did we make him suffer? Should we have tried harder and not put him down?" But the guilt has lessened with time. I try to think of all the special things about him and the special times. But sometimes it is so painful. He was my best friend and my little boy. He was such a big part of my life. I miss him so much. I know that you all understand and that helps. I don't share this with others much because so many people don't understand. I want those of you new to this to know that it does get a little better. The love we have had is like no other and they will always be part of us. I know that they are around. Thanks for being there.
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I'm sorry for your loss.

It sounds to me like the vet didn't really know what he was talking about and how cold to tell you he would get to your cat in between after assuring you cats don't react to chemo the way humans do. 

Also sounds like you got the run around where Bob was concerned.

Again sorry for  you loss.

October 31, 2002 - April 19, 2016 10:25 P.M.
My best friend, my companion, my love


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I can relate to you and I'm sorry for your loss. I lost my first pet on FEB. 24,2016. It was 2 months yesterday and it still hurts. I did get a new pet 1 month ago so that I can get out of the house daily again and to give my love to this new one. 
Wendy J
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I am so sorry for your loss of Bob.  I just don't get some Vets!  Thank god my vet was kind.  Don't feel guilty about the chemo.  The vet said Bob would be ok.  You were just trying to help.   I have all the questions in my mind that you are asking yourselves.  In the end I know i did right by My Winston.

I didn't have the money for all the testing, but i could see something was very wrong with my baby.  More than I probably imagined.   They are both at peace now.  I thank the Lord for that.  Prayers   Sue
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I am so sorry for your loss and glad you found this forum. I lost my Sweetie on April 8th and it hurts so much and it hasn't gotten any easier. Sadly Sweetie died at the vets office after running test after test to determine what was wrong with him. Thank God I was able to see him the day before I got the dreaded call that my Sweetie had passed away in the evening. My husband was upset that he died alone and in the vets office but he was hooked up to IVs trying to get him better. I knew that he wouldn't make it if we took him home but wish I had spent more time with him the last few days, had I have known. It hurts so much and I miss him terribly. Sometimes I get through the day pretending that he isn't gone. I haven't been able to accept his ashes yet. I spent a lot of money on hoping he would get better and I'd do it all over again. I just wish the outcome was different. Hugs to you.
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I`m so sorry for your loss, its tough trying to adjust to life without our best friends, and its good that you are now remembering happier times with Bob.  We had to have our 17 year old dog Jim put to sleep 19 weeks ago, and it still hurts so much, he was like our baby as we`ve no kids, and I know I was in denial for days after. Like you, I now find it hard talking to family & friends, as I know most of them think I should be over it now, so I am so very grateful for this forum - everyone here is so understanding, even though they`re all going through the same loss themselves.  
                                                     Take care, Jackie
J Taylor
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