it's been a month now. I still miss my cat everyday. And ever since he was gone I am feeling a gentle single knock in one of my tables. I told this about my mother she said I am just imagining things. Then I tried cleaning up my computer cables first thinking it was just a wind. I still hear it it happens every night. Then I tried clearing up all the boxes and the glass close to my table, I still hear it. I asked my mother to sleep in my room but she fell asleep when the knocking came again. I am getting scared and crazy about the sound and I changed my computer chair as well since he loved sitting in my old chair. Then I tried opening the cabinet on my table and removing all the things there and moved the table so it doesn't hit the wall then I still hear it. Then it stopped for a couple of days. I am also getting goosebumps in my skin. Then yesterday I started to hear it again I asked my mother to sleep in my room again and keep insisting me that I am just imagining things. Then when I woke up again today I heard a jumping noise in my window where my airconditioner  is placed, He used to hanged out in there before together with my other cat. I told my mother about it and she told me she believed in me now and told about me while I am asleep yesterday she also heard the knocking sound for the first time. My cat was not a chatter before she did things differently to get our attention before like touching our face biting our hair to wake us up. I cried and my mother say out loud to my cat that we love him very much for the first time she is starting to believe in me now I am still now sure how to explain this kind of things this is my first time experiencing it
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Hi Clowdy,

I've posted about this topic as have many others. I do believe in signs & sightings and some signs are audio related. For some time after my cat Marmalade passed away I would hear his distinct meow (one single) very late at night between 2 am and 4 am. Or the sound of his trill. And I could feel him walk over the comforter we slept with numerous times. His meow was so loud, I bolted upright into a sitting position once. I also have felt his presence various times.

When I picked up Marmalade's ashes I expected to feel nothing. I was very calm, lucid and focused. And yet as I walked back to the warehouse we used to live in together, I felt an energy field around the ashes as I pressed them against my chest. By the time I went to place the ashes on Marmalade's favorite perch on the arm of our couch, the energy was so strong, I thought I was going to levitate right off of the ground.

It has been over 3 months now since Marmalade departed. The meows and trills are ceasing. But I am fine with what I did experience when I did. I do still feel his presence at times. But it is not as distinct and strong as it was.

We live in a infinite, mysterious, mystical Universe where anything is possible. I do believe that what you are experiencing is your cat visiting you.

Kind regards,
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Yes, it is possible to feel your cat's presence and such interesting experiences you have had! After my cat passed away a few months ago, I would feel her rub up against the back of my legs when I stood at the bathroom sink or kitchen sink. Sometimes I could feel it so strongly that I would look down to see if it was my living cat that was doing it. It wasn't. This went on for at least a couple of months, then gradually faded. Since then, though, I can still "tell" or "feel" her presence in different areas of the house at times. It is kind of a natural feeling to me, like it's my beloved kitty and she belongs here or at least is always welcomed here.
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Thank you for sharing your experiences. Today I have felt again something is jumping on top of my aircon outside my bedroom's window. It's the second time now I heard it. The noise is loud even my other cat who is sleeping beside me woke up. I checked there's no wind or anything . That's my cat's favorite place to hang out every morning when I open the window. I still hear the single knock on one of my tables but it's not everyday now. Then I slept again on my side and I heard a single deep low meow coming under my pillow. I heard about it once before but didn't mind it thinking it is just my imagination but today I heard about it again. I got scared but I tried talking to my cat telling him how much I love him. I am just worried hoping there is a heaven for pets since my cat is always visiting me I am worried if he has nowhere to go.

My mother said my cat don't want to go to rainbow bridge and keep visiting us because I am still sad and missing him always
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Hello Clowdy,

Don’t be scared - I think you are blessed! Since my cat passed several months ago, there have been times I swore I felt him jump onto the bed at night, just like he used to. I would sit straight up and look around. Of course I couldn’t see anything. It still happens and when it does, I stretch out my hand and tell him I love him and miss him. I don’t think I’m crazy. I think I miss him and wish he were here. I don’t know if I he really is, but it doesn’t matter. I just keep telling him how much I love him.

Many blessings,

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