Hi to all of you here,

on Monday, it's gonna be 5 months since I lost her.
Tonight I saw her in my dream, she was running to me with her typical cheerful expression, I petted her fur, feeling her fluffy hair...

Then I opened my eyes, woke up and realized it will never be real any more. She will never welcome me by the door any more.

Her name was (and still is) Belinka (in czech it means "little Bella"),
she was black and white chihuahua. She died on the 23rd May this year, she was 16yrs 1 month and 23 day old.

We have been together since she was 8-weeks puppy. She was so playful and impish, but very briliant. She had box of toys and she had to put all of them out and then picked one out. I had to laugh how serious she looked during this process.
Or the way how she wanted me to notice her. She pawed us, looked at us, barked us, right in the moment when I did something important. I told her, I would have time in a while, and she came after a few minutes and pawed me again like she told "hey, you must be finished now".

Or when she was a little puppy, she sat in my lap and I petted her, then I wanted to put her down, but she wanted to be pet, so she started growling and bit a bit :D

It must sound like she was demanding and so she was a bit, but she was very very smart dog that learnt every possible trick. That's I miss her.

I know she had nice and long life, but her passing was unexpected. I went bed at 3 o'clock in the morning, and she seemed a bit tired, normal sleepy. And when I woke up at 8 o'clock, dad told me she died. I cried almost the whole day and I'm crying now....

We have another 6 chihuahuas, but none of them is so big friend. Nobody is as briliant as Belinka was. Nobody fetches toys like she did. She was a mother of our pack, she was a leader and a boss. My best friend.

Me and my parents had to force pet losses in the past. But this loss is the most heart breaking. I don't want to loose any memory with her, but it's so hard . I always cry talking, writing or thinking about my best Belinka. I hope we meet at the rainbow bridge....

We buried her in our garden, I bought onion flowers, like daffodils, crocuses, it will bloom every spring for her... But I still cry, I still can't get over the pain... What should I do? How I should grive to feel better? Does anybody know?
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Dear Karolina,

I am so sorry for the loss of your Belinka, she sounds like such a wonderful and smart girl, how adorable the way you describe how she loved to put all her toys out to choose one to play with.
We loss our little girl named Bella, also a Chihuahua, and like you with Belinka, she amazed us with her intelligence, she weighed just over 3 lbs. and lived to almost 18 years old. 
Our girls may be small, but the emptiness left behind in our hearts and home is so huge.
Sounds like your sweet Belinka came to you in your dream, as hard as it was when you woke up, I think she was maybe sending you a message to let you know she is safe and forever with you, that she is never far away, so continue to talk to your precious girl, she is always listening for your voice.
I would love to hear more about your sweet girl and maybe you could share a photo of her with us, of course I completely understand if you aren't feeling up to it, when ever you are ready, there is no rush.

I am so sorry for your loss, hold the many sweet moments you shared with your precious Belinka close to your heart and you will always feel the warmth of her love in your heart.....your Belinka will make sure of that.
Sending our most positive thoughts your way, may the love and light of your sweet Belinka bring such peace and healing to your broken heart.

Sincerely, Don & Vera

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Im so sorry for your loss of Belinka
I lost my 14 year old daschund at age 14 on May 20. So, we are in that same 5 month time frame. Tough times to get through.
I’m sorry for your loss.
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