It has been two months since my sweet beautiful Shebba passed away. I have been riding the emotional rollercoaster of grieving. One minute fine, next minute crying.  Wishing I could turn back time,all those what if's, and the second guessing my decision to euthanized her. I know I'm still early in my grieving process, in time I will heal. I thank this forum and all the people on it. Without this place, I would had been totally lost and completely depressed. i coping the best I can. One day at a time.   

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Dear Michelle,
I am very sorry for your loss of your precious Kitty Shebba,what a beautiful Girl she looks.Yes,you are right,2 months is still very early days.Its about the time I think my losses really hit home.So be kind to yourselve as your Shebba would want you to be.
I hope that you will recieve some signs from her in future to help ease your pain and reassure you she is still close.
Love and Light
Fairy Kisses for your precious Baby xxxxxx
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