I thought people said it gets better over time and I'll heal but as days and this week gone by....I hurt more. I start thinking around the clock about Louie. All his stuff is still in the same way it was before he left. His bowl, his leash, his bed. Everything kept put. I imagine him in my head and I cry. As I type this, I cry. Louie was my first dog and will be my only. I'm a dog lover but I loved him too hard that i refuse to think he's gone. It doesn't feel right saying or thinking that but I have to realize that he is. I can't sleep at night because Louie's in my bed sleeping with me. I can't wait to cope with all of this.
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I am in pain just as you are.  I just lost my baby girl, Dublin yesterday.  She was 14. 
~ In honor of Dublin Maggie Mae
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So sorry for your loss. I agree it doesn't get better.  Some say it does.  My girl left 8 months ago and everything is still just as she left it.  I have gathered her pictures and hair, etc. to make a memory book, but can't bring myself to work on it.  I have a video of her, but can't watch it yet.  I miss her more and more every day....and she too will be my last dog.  I'm sorry there are no words of comfort, only understanding.  Everyone handles grief differently.  For me, I know I will grieve and miss her until the day I join her.  I am still in denial, anger, whatever emotion comes at the moment.  I hope you are okay....missing is the love left behind.  Hugs to you   and to Dublins mom too from me and Dali

Dali, as much a daughter as any human...  pure love
Until we meet again

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I am truly sorry for your loss of Louie.

Your pain is still so raw. There is no timeline to this thing we call grief. Everyone deals with it differently. Some cope better than others. You must make this your own journey and allow yourself to take all the time you need. There will be many ups and downs along the way. Just when you think you are moving forward, a memory will come along and may knock you two steps back. But, you will move forward again. I think if you read some of the posts on this forum, you will find it really does help to know that you are not alone.

It's been a year this past Friday, June 5th, that I had to say goodbye to my dog. He was my "soul dog" and I admit I still have some very dark days.

My thoughts are with you and your beloved Louie.

Take care,


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I read the many sorrowful posts regarding loss of a dog and it breaks my heart... but I keep reading because it helps me deal with my own suffering and loss. Maybe I can offer helpful words of my own.

I understand Terri, and I understand Meaghan's relentless grief and heartache.

Yesterday, my little female Border Collie, Mayday, was struck by a rattlesnake in Northern Nevada, and even though she managed to hang on for a day and it even looked like she might recover.... walking, drinking, alert, etc.... her respiratory system failed her early this afternoon. I blame myself for not being able to protect her, and I can't stop trembling. I have to place her in the ground this afternoon, but every time I go outside and try to dig deeper in her final resting place, I go to pieces.

It was just over ten weeks ago that I had to bid farewell to another Border Collie who had experienced some medical issues and finally succumbed in late March. I tried to put on a brave, stoic face, but I fell apart and cried like a baby when the vet gave Archie his first shot to relax him. I couldn't stop myself. The staff were right there to be understanding and supportive.

I often wonder why the passing of a pet is sometimes harder on us than the passing of a human family member or friend. Perhaps because we can't tell them how sorry we are, or maybe it is because they look to us for protection their entire lives and we feel as though we have failed them. I only hope and pray that it is true that we will see them again one fine day.

Richard Hooton
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I am so sorry for everyone's loss. I just put my Maggie down this afternoon and I am still crying. She was my Boxer girl and was with me for 10 years. I have such a pain in my heart.
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