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I lost my boy cat Monty just over a month ago he was the most precious boy me and my daughter could ever wish for...we rescued him at five years old and had him till he was sixteen which was good for a Maine Coon...though we wanted him to live forever.

I to talk to Monty every day...I have his ashes and say ''good morning sweetheart'' and chatter throughout the day to him...and I sense that he is here with me. Up until very recently I was very tearful...but I now laugh with my daughter about how he was and his funny little we loved him.

You will find peace when you are ready to.

Take care 

Ellen x
Ellen Hague
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So sorry to hear about the loss of your baby, Brenda. It is the most devastating and difficult decision.  Without question (my opinion) you made the right one.  That is way too much to put an older dog through (my boy was 15 and my surviving boy is 12).  I decided not to leave my boy for 3 nights (with poor prognosis as well) as I knew it would be torture for him - 2 weeks would be hell.  You did right by your Rosie. 💞
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Hi Brenda, Well, and now, I am crying right along with you. I am so sorry for your loss. It will be 11 weeks for me this Tuesday that my Daisy started breathing weird all of a sudden, and then, of course, 11 weeks on Wednesday since she's been gone. It's still surreal to me. It's hard to lose any pet, but especially hard when she/he is your "best" dog or cat ever. I get it! I also know it's especially hard on us, because of the circumstances. Honestly, I'd have made the same difficult decision that you made. It was a selfless decision. When my husband and I drove to the hospital in the middle of the night with Daisy, I told him this might be it--because I didn't want her to suffer. Had they told me this was "it," I was prepared to put her to sleep, just so that she wouldn't suffer. BUT the vet told me this wasn't "it." I was so happy! We were just driving away, thinking we'd be back later that morning. This is what had happened once before. I think it's just shock, disbelief, anger at myself and the vet. I left so many messages wanting answers and finally, I think it was almost two weeks later, that she finally called me back. She said she would not have done anything differently. She said she honestly had no idea . . Daisy died of a sudden heart attack. But I totally question why in the world I didn't act sooner, earlier that Tuesday earlier in the evening. I don't know if it would've made any difference. I don't know. What I would totally do differently is I would've held Daisy all night --before we went to the hospital. Again, I don't know if I was in shock or denial, but I didn't hold her those last few hours, and I wish I could go back and do that. She was pacing and couldn't settle down. I know I can't go backwards now. I know she knew "Grandma" loved her more than any other pet I've ever had (cause I told her). She was so loved and so well taken care of --- until that night when I somehow blew it. Even so, I know my Daisy would never ever want me to feel bad. I just wish I had held her that night. So I totally get the difficulty in your making that difficult decision right then and there. It's hard, cause you're all emotional and it's just so hard. But hugs to you. I think you made the right, selfless decision. The one thing that does give me peace is that my baby is at peace, and I don't have to shove pills down her throat in the morning and at night anymore (she was on heart meds for one year). I hope all our pets are running around together, no more suffering, no pills . . I hope they are ok without us. I much rather feel the hurt on my end. Strength to all of us.
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