My beloved Pecan, it’s been 33 days since your sudden passing and I miss you so much! I have been sad since Sunday (your 9th birthday) there’s a sharp pain in my heart and the house feels emptier than ever. I keep asking myself, why you? You were so perfect and I needed you so much. What did we do wrong? I took you for a nice walk almost every day(unless if it was raining hard and you refused to go out) then we would play inside so you would get your exercise. I never left you alone, I tried to buy the best food and treats for you. Why did you leave us so soon? I did not see this coming and thinking about your sudden passing aches my heart. Please send me more signs to show me you are happy and healthy. I still look for you all the time and sometimes I forget that you are gone! Please show me that you are still around! I was starting to feel better why do I feel extremely sad again? My heart feels so heavy! I miss you so much my sweet girl!  Was it my fault? Did I do anything wrong?  Please forgive me if I did.  You know you were my life.  Love you so much 
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