So it’s been 2 weeks since my Kody passed away. I’ve had two dreams about him. I firmly believe God allows us to dream about people we have lossed as a way of speaking with them. (If that makes sense)
My dream last night brought all the emotions back to the surface and the heartbreak is painful.

My dog was the sweetest soul. I placed his bed by mines and near the window for two reasons. One so he could look out the window (he thought it was his backyard). Two so we could lock eyes. Many times I would look over and he would just stare at me.
I wish I could hold his little face and feel his fur.

This is really hard.
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i'm so sorry. what a beautiful boy!

i don't know what to say because i just lost my ginger (10 days ago). but i'm very sorry for your loss. kody sounds (and looks) so sweet.
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So sorry for your loss. I too lost my beautiful Buddy 5 days ago. The pain is unbearable and my heart aches. It's broken. I sit here cuddling his blanket so I can smell him again. He would be right here with me sitting in my recliner. We know how hard this is. Never would have imagined. I want to say think of all the good days you gave him but it still does not ease our pain. I miss him so and just know we are all feeling this piece of ourselves missing. I pray for you and for us.
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