The holidays have gone and the house is once again quite. As I put your bed back by the window I felt the tears rolling down my face. Is this good for me to do this? I put your bed in the closet and hoping that more healing will come along. Your ashes in a beautiful box next me. I wondered how long will this take. I miss your wet kisses your companionship your love. I know that your in my heart always just one day at a time they say. I miss you do other family miss you the way I do? I know you save my life while you lost yours forever in my heart.. Isabella  

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I understand the pain you are feeling. I lost my baby Friday, my heart hurts so much. I wish there were words that could take the pain away but there isn't. Time will heal. I put away his dog bowl and little clothes today. It was so hard.
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Adriane: I remember reading your story and my heart was breaking for you. Seeing her face in that dog’s mouth is such a devastating image to remember. Have you spoken to anyone about this? I’m glad you came back to post here on the forum. I would leave Isabella’s bed out for as long as you need. Healing takes time and it’s different for everyone. Just leave it out until you’re ready to put it away. Hugs to you!

Eva, if you read this I’m also so sorry for your loss! Hugs!
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