As many of you know I lost Inca last March (2016) Although I'd looked at many rescue dogs I hadn't felt confident enough to go through the process because what if it wasn't her. I'd also contacted Animal Communicators who'd told she was still in spirit.

Well last night I was having a bad night missing Inca and asked her to send me a sign or come to me a dream or something.. Couldn't remember any dreams when I woke up but found an email from someone I'd contacted last year. She has a litter due next month and wanted to know if I'd still be interested in a pup if one were available.

All of a sudden I don't know what to do! ...Is this Inca finding her way home?  sending me signs? As I've been unable to choose a dog incase it wasn't her.

I've asked the lady if she could send me a photo of the pups when they are born or whichever one is left available and waiting for a reply. I don't know if she'll want me to put a deposit down before the pups born if I want one, but I wanted to see if there was a black on with white down it's front in the litter, hoping they will be and I'd know straight away it was her.

Wondering whether to contact the american AC Cindy (who could see my mum before when she did Inca's reading) and ask her to ask Inca is she is still in spirit or about to born soon?  

Do I trust my instinct or a woman at the other side of the atlantic who never met me or Inca and could be faking though, though it was odd she could see my mum when I'd never mentioned she'd died. 

What would you guys do if offered this opportunity?

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It is quite amazing you were sad and asked for a sign and the email showed up. You also said you spoke to the person a year ago and now the email comes through.
Mayb it is time for you to love another. It will never be Inca. Don't try and find another like Inca.
Follow your own heart and instincts. If you feel ready then move forward and give your love to someone else.
Inca would want you to be happy. That's all you need to know.
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what's odd is that when I was looking at dogs I was looking for smaller breeds. Though I can see her wanting to come back as this slightly bigger but very elegant breed. It's a rare breed over here so I imagine I'd only get offered one if they have a large litter of mainly males and most people on their waiting list had wanted a female to breed from. 

A few years back when Inca was getting old I'd been looking with dogs trust for a new dog to train up, again I'd been looking for something smaller, nothing was suitable after 7 months. One day I found myself on a website staring at a Border Collie pup and not being able to put him out of my mind. Before I knew it I was emailing the breeder.  I do believe it's fate and JJ is meant to be here, he was sent to help us when Inca couldn't help me anymore. 

So again this person contacting me out of the blue and offering me a pup (again a larger breed than I had been looking for) but an elegant gentle breed that I could see Inca having chosen as a breed to reincarnate in is making me wonder.

I said I was interested in seeing photo of the pups or any left, hoping if I see a picture I'll get a stronger feeling and know.  They may want a deposit to secure one and they won't be cheap.

I do believe in animal reincarnation but don't necessarily want another dog just for the sake of having another dog, but I don't want to miss this chance if its Inca trying to get home in a breed that maybe perfect for us. I just felt it had to be sign this was going to be 'the dog' and if it's meant to be then one will be  available to me.

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