Hi, 1st post here...I'm in denial. A new Vet where I just moved to tells me my 10 year old German Shepherd has a tumor in his stomach and are trying to run many tests, do an ultrasound, biopsy, etc. before I know for sure if it is even a tumor or cancer.

I'm scared to lose him and I'm scared I won't be able to afford the tests, let alone the procedures to remove it if it is really a tumor. 

Does anyone know if this is really a tumor in his stomach? I need some straight talk so I know the truth! 

They say he is in perfect health otherwise and that all of his blood test just came back normal, how is that the case with the Tumor? 

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Joe....I'm not saying it is, as I am not a radiographer, or a vet.
But is your vet suggesting this could maybe be a hemangiosarcoma of the spleen?
Hemangiosarcoma as far as I know does not show up in blood-work. It didn't in my dog's. Her blood values were all great too.
The only clue possibly there is the clotting factor.
And hemangiosarcoma, though incurable, can still give them depends. Some go quickly -some carry on with minor internal bleeds from which they can recover. And in between the bleeds, their quality of life can be quite good. (now that is from what our own vet said.)

There are also some alternative remedies like Yunnan Baiyao (not sure if I spelled that correctly) which can give some dogs much more extra time. I wish I had known that when my Misty had hemangiosarcoma 7 years ago.

Check whether your vet thinks this is hemangiosarcoma (best seen on an ultrasound.) They show up as slightly pockmarked areas of black (fluid)

There is also, as far as I've heard, a blood test which is about 85% accurate to spot cancer in the system, though it is impossible to tell from that test, what the cancer is or where it is in the body.

But is the vet even 100% sure this IS a cancer -and not a benign tumour?
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