Hello after a few months being away. I wanted some thoughts on what happened yesterday--

We lost our darling girl Freida in October. She left behind two other bulldog siblings and I thought to myself, that's it!! Two is it for me.  I miss her terribly but have been able to see through my sadness and move forward. Lately I have been getting awful pangs to get another puppy eventhough, I am NOT a fan of the puppy stage. So I sent an email to a breeder we have gone to before. When I sent the email I noticed a new email had arrived entitled "Frida has sent you a Valentine" ....  Back in Feb, I sent a Valentine to a white bulldog (just like my girl was) named Freida through a rescue site. Well....  it just got back to my inbox yesterday. I thought the timing was super odd and that it was her way of giving me the "thumbs up".   Haha, my deceased dog emailed me!!!   Just like her-- silly and goofy!! 

Anyway, I know none of us knows for sure about these coincidences. If I feel it was a sign then that's what it was....  but it has stuck with me all day today. What do you all think?

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Hi Freidas Mom,
I would take it as a sign!   A big clue for me is that it has stuck with you all day so it obviously had some meaning for you.   You can always move slowly forward until you figure out for sure what you want to do.  I think Freida would definitely approve!
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Hi, I remember you so well, and who could forget that beautiful face of Freida. it always made me smile.
I would trust your intuition....I think that is our higher self sometimes giving us pushes, or maybe in this case Freida.
You will never stop loving Freida, even with a new puppy. She is deep in your heart forever.
I still too grieve for Maddie, though I can handle the days better.
this may very well be the sign that you need to go forward. only you will know, but go with what feels right to you in your heart.
I hope you stay in touch. You made me smile tonight, just getting to look at that prescious face tonight. Judy :)
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I would absolutely take it as a sign!  She's giving you a pat on the back, letting you know that she likes the direction you're taking in this journey.

Have you considered rescuing an older Bull Dog? There are so many who have been abandoned and need loving forever homes. That way you could skip the puppy stage and go straight to young dog.  Ta-dah!  Two missions accomplished; saving a life and skipping the "terrible twos."  :-) 

White Bull Dogs and Boxers (and most Bully breeds) have higher rates of certain cancers. If you go white again, be aware that you will be giving a wonderful life to a dog who needs it, and that there is a chance that pup will live its life a bit faster than average.  That makes it that much more special.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do!  I know that Freida will be guiding you every step of the way.


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It was most certainly a sign! A wonderful and beautiful sign. I read somewhere that a "coincidence" is a small miracle where God chooses to remain anonymous. Take some time and think about it!

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I would move on it!  I believe that our babies send us signs.  My boy, Sammy, chose my new baby Diana.  There was a very clear message that my wife received...and I can't tell you how Diana's presence has made a huge difference in our lives.  She is forging her own way into hearts, and has also helped overcome the pain of losing Sam, which never totally goes away. 

For you, this will not be Freida's replacement...but an additional cupboard in your heart will fill.  I have never understood how much capacity for love we have...go back for more and I assure you that your heart will feel joy.  Please understand...missing Freida won't go never will...but...the new baby can help reset your heart!

The sign is pretty obvious.  Freida wants you to feel better and is doing what she can to help you.  Don't be surprised that even after you move to another level...Freida will still be there.   Sammy loves to send signs.  He loves to mess with Diana, sometimes.  Last Thursday, my son and I were sitting in the living room watching a movie...and Diana got up out of a sound sleep and started barking at the dining room.  The hair on her back went straight up as though another dog was there.  She stayed in one place until I got up to see what was going on.  As I approached the dining room, Diana stood by my side.  She then walked to the dining room table and stared underneath (Sammy often like to lay on the dining room floor...under the table)...the hair went straight up again and she barked again...then oddly, she lunged at the dining room window as though to try to catch something.  To me, it was obvious that Sam was there and toying with his little sister.  This happens from time to time...but even my son thought that Sammy had come home for a visit...while my son was home for Spring break.  Sometimes the signs are obvious and oftentimes they are very subtle.  You just have to know that they are there.  Freida loves you very much and wants to help you...just know that!



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So true, so beautiful!
I wish I could move away from this place that I'm in and think about loving another baby!
Wishing you the best!
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We adopted soon after losing our Bubba cat.  Our other kitty, Sascha, has never been without a companion, and we were worried about her.  I searched rescue sites, and found a little kitty that caught my eye.  I inquired about her and learned that she had been rescued from a shelter, only to have to live in a cage at her foster mommy's (foster had dogs), and then live in a cage at Petsmart for a month.  It broke my heart, and I knew we could give her a life better than that.  She had a very bad URI when I brought her home, and we nursed her for days.  She's the sweetest little thing you'll ever meet, and now is a playful companion for our Sascha.  She'll never replace our Bubba cat, and she was never meant to.  There are little ones that come into our life for a reason, and us into theirs for a reason.  I'm so happy we could give this baby a chance, and I agree with others about the capacity for love.  You will know when you're ready.
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Hi Freida's Mom. I love your profile photo, there is so much personality expressed there in that face :) I definitely am starting to believe in signs now. Also I think that signs are so personal; it is what you feel in your heart is a special coincidence that makes it so. I like what Domina said about a coincidence where God chooses to remain anonymous. What beautiful words.

SammysDad, I am glad to see a message from you! It has been a while I think since I have read a posting of yours. I really do believe dogs can sense something, they experience loss and grief in ways so differently from ours. What a sign from Sammy you received!


"If the people we love are stolen from us, the way to have them live on is to never stop loving them. Buildings burn, people die, but real love is forever." ~ The Crow

"We don't "get over" our losses and just move on, we learn to live differently."
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Thank you all so much. I love how tech-savy she is, emailing me messages, haha!  I'm missing her badly since thinking about adding to our crew.  I know I will never have another girl as adorable or as silly and I don't want to replace her as I know I couldn't. I just miss her goofy loving utterly adorable self. I want another one that has such a grand and loving personality. That's all. 

I would absolutely rescue an older dog without question. My issue is that my gal VIolet is terrified of and thus aggressive towards other dogs. I think a puppy in the house would be a much easier transition for her. Not for me however, with the potty training etc. :)

Thank you all so much. It is so refreshing to hear from others and feel supported. I really appreciate it. <3

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