One of the things I find most distressing is a thought I have that Jake is somewhere without me. Almost like I have left him somewhere or he has been stolen. Now, I was with him when he passed, he was put to sleep, I have his ashes back with me - I don't know where that thought is coming from . Is this just a normal grief thought ?? I wish it would go away, I want to think of him being at peace but this keeps dominating my thoughts.
Zippy 13/01/2008, Button 06/01/2016, Jake 11/05/2016
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Wendy this is normal.  Our instinct and purpose has always been to protect them and keep them safe.  Until we can really adjust to the fact they are gone and we did the best we could for them, there are going to be these weird feelings, and for me also second thoughts.  I am so sorry for your loss and hope you find strength in each new day.  Coming to this forum helps. 
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Hi Wendy, yes, I truly believe this is normal... I live with my mom, and I told her not to fight me on my decision to keep BooBoo's body and bury it in the yard. My mom did not want me to bury BooBoo in the yard. She also did not want me to have him cremated. She wanted the hospice vet to take BooBoo's body. I'm not one to go toe to toe with my mom; however, I told her not to fight me on my choice.

The truth is... It goes back to your original post. I needed to know where my baby was... I couldn't let him leave my environment.... I also lost my Dad in 2012... My Dad always was so protective, and I truly believe my dad is taking care of BooBoo till I can hug and be with BooBoo again. I know my Dad and he would never disappoint me... I truly believe your beloved pet is being taken care of till you see him/her again.

You thoughts are very normal... They have run through my head as well.

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I have definitely had that thought with most of my babies when they passed. For some reason I haven't yet with Wiz because I haven't accepted it yet maybe. 
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Oh Wendy, yes I think that is a normal kind of thought. Yes it's because we look on ourselves as their protectors, their family, and wouldn't just dump them or send them away....and then the big "D" comes and takes them -goodness-knows-where!

Okay so I will tell you what I learned from my dog Misty. She showed me many things. One is that they live after 'death' and the main thing is that love is the connection, so they can do what they wish 'up there' and one of those things is being with us whenever they need to be!

Of course we find it hard to sense that sometimes, especially when we are grieving, but it is true.

Death doesn't sever the love. They just become invisible, and are contactable through the love we always knew, and they always knew for us. It is a different dimension but is not far from you. Not miles away. Right beside you until you pass over also, and are re-united.
Hold the love like a little light. It is all you have, or will ever have, to find your way home.

Misty's Blog..a Dogfight with Cancer http://www.mistysblog69.blogspot.co.uk

Misty's life after death: http://www.dog2spirit.com
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I completely understand this thought you are having... Tomorrow is 40 weeks that I have been without my Wiley and I too feel the fear and anxiety of the separation from my best friend. I know he is in heaven but because I don't know exactly where Heaven is I feel what you feel... Not knowing where they are like they're lost or roaming around somewhere without us. This has been the hardest thing I've ever gone through the pain and heartache is so unbearable at times I just don't know how I got this far or how it even been this long without my keeten. I completely understand what you are saying.

I'm so sorry for your loss and my heart breaks with yours. Praying for God's peace upon your heart...

Love, Stacie
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My Ziz is gone now for over a month, the sad anniversary was May 20, and I miss her so much. Like all of you here, I worry if she is happy and that she is in a safe place. All her life I was trying to protect her, make sure she was fed and taken care of and now I don't know what has happened to her. I have her ashes in my bedroom and that gives me comfort that some part of her is with me. I often ask her in my mind how she is doing and if she is at peace.
I loved her so much and I will miss her for the rest of my life.

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I think it is normal. Many times when I go out and take my surviving dog with me I will instinctively head back to get Sally before I realize she is no longer with me. Once I even drove home from the park and halfway home I freaked because I noticed Sally wasn't in the car with us before I came to my senses. I visit the spot under her tree where she is taking her final sleep, so I know where she physically is but at times I don't see her running around and think she has run away and have to do a double take and realize it was all in my head. 
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I felt the same way.  I had my dog for 6 years when I had to put her to sleep.  During the time she was off being cremated I felt like I had just dumped her.  I didn't know if she was being treated right (even though she was dead I wanted her treated with care).  Then once I had her ashed back I still felt like she was off in a field just waiting on me.  I think its hard to really grasp the concept of someone being gone.  You know they have passed but you still expect your pet to be in their favorite spot.  When their not there you feel like oh their at the groomer/vet/boarder etc...I should go get them then you are reminded of what happened.  At least this is how I felt..you still feel their presence everywhere which makes you feel like they are still alive and needing you.  It will pass in time and you will understand your "new normal" Its a painful process I still struggle on days (its been almost 2 years) but it does get better with time. 
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thank you all for making me feel I am not as crazy as I thought I was with that thought - has helped so much x
Zippy 13/01/2008, Button 06/01/2016, Jake 11/05/2016
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Hi wendywoo,
It sounds like just a fear that you have. I believe that we will see our pets again in Heaven. The love they give us never ends. I've actually seen signs of my Corgi, Jenny, still around our house. And I'm not crazy. God bless you as you go through this. Take care
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