I have a video I made of my dog that has passed a year ago ...and my phone is locked and I have to use a pattern to unlock it.....2 times I heard the music playing on my phone and I look at my phone and it was her video playing....the 1st time it happened I thought somehow I unlocked it...but it was I'm my pocket.it happened again yesterday...I pray it is her cause I've been talking to her to come visit me ....has anybody else experienced anything
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I've had several experiences but to be honest it's hard for me to tell if I am stitching together pieces in my own mind or if it is actually signs. 
Yours sounds like a pretty obvious sign to me and I would be thankful for it.  What a gift you received.  It seems hard to deny you had a sign.
My most recent event that made me think a received a small sign...
I had a good friend who passed years ago and that summer after he left this earth I was on a solo camping trip, with just my dog Romeo and after we got camp set up I noticed, in the middle of the woods a large stunning orange butterfly fluttering about us.  For some reason my first thought was Darren, my friend who had passed and I called out to this butterfly, "Hey Darren, I miss you" and this butterfly stayed around us for hours while I talked to it. I felt it was a sign from Darren or even (strangely) that it was Darren himself. I later told another good friend of ours about it who shared with me that butterflies, in many cultures are considered significant after death. They are transitional creatures who transform from a one being to another, much like people believe happens in death. 
Recently, we've had a large influx of orange butterflies in my area in the past month. Orange was my Romeo's favorite color - for some reason he loved and was attracted to this color.  He had an orange stuffed kitty toy for years (all his favorite toys were orange) that I still have to this day and I hold it often and think of him.  So all month, I loved seeing the butterflies and when on trail runs sometimes they would seem like they were running with me and I would close my eyes and imagine years ago when Romeo was my running partner and I would let his leash go and we would run as fast as we could together.  In my mind at the time on the trails, I was running with Romeo, like we did when he was younger.  The other week I returned from vacation out of state and was sad to hear we had gotten a freeze and all the butterflies were gone or dead. Then a few days later I was on my back porch and I saw a remaining orange butterfly flying around me on the deck.  I followed him with my eyes, thinking of my Romeo and he landed right by my feet, next to a white feather.  I smiled, picked up the feather, thanked the butterfly and Romeo and put it in Romeo's ashes box next to my bed.  I hope this was a sign for me too.
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