I don't know what others believe, but I believe in ghosts, because of this; when my cat Tigger passed about four years ago, my husband and I noticed we would often hear the sound of what sounded like a name tag tinking on the food bowl in the kitchen, but the other cats were accounted for.  When we lost Maxie a month later, the noises continued.  Then, around September of last year, I know I saw an apparition of a cat walking past the coffee table and behind the couch. Only just a brief flash, but definitely a cat.  Hmm, I thought.  Then, when we lost Taz in December, the noises stopped.  Nothing more, ever.  Taz and Tigger were almost inseparable, and we believe Tigger was just waiting for her friend, and when he died, they were reunited again.  I'd like to think that our pets go to heaven, and the thought that my beloved babies will be waiting for me is calming.  Maybe the whole "ghost" thing was just my way of dealing with losing Tigger, then later, Taz, but I love the thought that they are still looking out for me.  I still keep a photo of Taz as the wallpaper on my cell phone, and photos of all my kitties in my media player and my wallet so I can always see them.
Beth Sholtz
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Hi Beth,

I love this, so wonderful that you were able to hear your precious Tigger. 
My little girl changed my beliefs while she was here and she continues to enforce those beliefs still even today, even though she has been gone 26 months now.
I wonder if your Tigger was indeed hanging around with her friend Taz, the two of them continuing to live life as they always have, even though your precious Tigger wasn't physically there.
I am so sorry for your losses, I hope you still feel the pure love your precious Tigger, Maxie and Taz continue to surround you with. May their love always be felt so deeply in your heart, bringing with their love, the continued peace and healing you so deserve.
Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story, I really enjoyed it.

Sincerely, Don & Vera
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Hi bsholtz, no it's not weird at all. Just today as I was crying and crying over my beautiful sweet black cat Raven whom I had to have put down just before Easter a gust of wind blew and rattled the windchimes I bought in her honor. Also she had a tiny tuft of white on her belly and the tips of the toes on her right hind paw were white. We had a joke about the seeds the cotton wood trees' seeds flying around this time of year-we always said Raven lost her tuft! Just the other day I found one in the woods while out with my other cat Roswell. Also I ordered some crystals shortly after her death and as a gift the seller sent me a piece of obsidian-with just a couple tiny dots of white on it, just like Raven's toes! She had no way of knowing the cat had white toes. So no, it's not weird and there are no coincidences. I took it as a sign my beloved girl is ok and free of pain!
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