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Dear Moe,

I am so, so sorry and saddened to read of your loss. I am glad though that Moe got to go to the beach one last time and enjoy some quality time with you. When I walked my cat Marmalade to the animal hospital that final afternoon / early evening to be put to sleep, I tried to squeeze in some last sights for him to see from his cat carrier. A garden supply, flowers, ducks swimming in the L.A. River (an Aqueduct), roses etc. It was so heartbreaking.

By showing Diesel true mercy in the end, as I mentioned in one of my previous comments and as they say: you need to now take on your pets pain & suffering and process it through your grief. It is going to be tough as you well know, but you will make it through.

As someone else wrote, "Now your spiritual relationship will begin" with your beloved Diesel. He is no longer in pain and he is no longer suffering. He had a good, long life at almost 14 years. Filled with love and joy. And he was a member of your family, which means to much to every pup. All dogs should be so blessed.

My condolences,

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I am very sorry you had to say goodbye to Diesel. I know how difficult and painful it is. But I'm glad you both enjoyed a day at the beach. You made his last days special and enjoyable. He knew how much you loved him.

Thanks for sharing the pictures. They are wonderful, even sideways.

My condolences,

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My deepest sympathy Moe! The pictures are beautiful and you will have them as a reminder of how you made Diesel’s last day here a happy one. It’s good that you got some clarity by seeing him at the beach and I agree: it’s definitely the hardest part going on without your beloved pet. You can be so proud of yourself for putting his needs first. You gave him so much love. Hugs to you!
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