After losing our baby boy Mac back in May, my boyfriend and I have discussed getting another dog. We already have a female husky, Ahri, but she's used to having a playmate and has been lonely since his death. Mac was like our first child together and we loved him deeply and are still saddened by the loss. We were always unsure about whether we were ready to bring another dog into our lives or not. A few weeks ago I found out that I'm pregnant, and we decided that if we are going to get a new puppy then the best time is now. It gives us 8 months to train and form a solid connection before the new baby arrives. We've been looking at local shelters for something to catch our eye, but I'm still a little torn by it. While I think it can be a very good thing for all of us, I'm also a little afraid that it still may be too soon. I feel like I will never love another dog the way I loved Mac, and that bothers me.

So how do you know when the time has come to bring a new puppy home after the death of a beloved pet? Is there a right time?
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I think this could be a good time for you, before the baby comes! I hope you have a lot of energy for a baby and a puppy though!
I know what you mean it wont replace the dog who died, but will make you happy in a new way and also be a playmate for your other dog. I think some get a new one right away and some wait longer. I am only 2 months out and Ive thought about getting one now. But then I think Im not ready. I know its not a replacement. But I think before the baby comes you have the time to train this puppy then you should go for it.

Best to you!
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you will know when the time is right even if at that time it is not in your thought to get another dog ,as it will just kind of fall in place and you are right you will never love another dog like your MAC but you will love them differently but just as much as each dog finds a place in our hearts and just keeps that place for themselves . but also know for your other dog ahri she was part of a pack with mac and dogs need that in there lives especially if that is what they have know in there lives , but your sweet mac will have a way of letting you know when its right as I'm sure he would want  ahri to have another animal brother or sister .

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