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Hi Dobie's mom. I just read Dobie's story and I can only imagine how hard it was to loose your baby like that. Diego left me suddenly too, unexpectadely and without any warning signs, at age 9, 12 days ago. I'm too torned apart just to look at his things. I haven't touched or moved anything yet. Just yesterday I was forced to get his ramp out of my car. He never liked jumping out of the car, so I got him a ramp to help getting him in and out of my SUV. Diego also never really liked toys, he only had one chewing toy and a ball that he only chased to make me happy. He also loved his people, and just being around us was a party for him.
My husband wants to get rid of his things. He asked me about getting rid of his dog house, and moving his bed from my bedroom's door. I cried. He picked up Diego's bandana from his bed, it was there since the last time I've seen him. I cried again because I didn't want anyone to put it away.
I still put water on his bowl, but not even our other dog wants to drink from there. I go to sleep everynight hoping I'll hear him snoring by my bedroom's door. But he is not there anymore and I miss him. And I'm not ready to move his things, or to get rid of anything. I guess we all have to take our time. Hope you find yours.
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I think I picked up Batista's dish while I was hysterical after he passed. I thought I couldn't bear to look at it ... and then realized it didn't matter, because I couldn't bear to look at it gone either. I still get hysterical looking at just one bowl instead of two. Thursday will be 3 weeks ... wow... I am thankful that I have his brother here and that I don't have to get rid of anything , because they shared most everything. Everything triggers sadness for me. You will do it when you're ready ♡
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Although my Jacob just passed on Saturday, I can't bring myself to move or get rid of any of his things. I honestly can't begin to think about it. I know that I will eventually have to but not now. We all need to take our time, only our hearts know when its time. Hugs to you.
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If those things remind you of the love you two shared then how can keeping them be wrong. Better to keep them and remember than to discard them and regret. My heart goes out to you.
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I put one of Dobie's blankets, his collars, leash, thunder jacket and muzzles in a vacuum sealed bag that I put in my cedar chest. I will probably keep them there forever. Still haven't removed his futon, and his bowl is still under it. My husband offered to make me a bench out of the boards from the futon, as it will have to be dismantled to be removed. I'm not sure how I feel about that, mostly because I still haven't even removed the big blanket that is covering it. It still has dried bits of coconut sugar on it from when he managed to steal a bag of it off the kitchen counter shortly before he passed. He didn't touch anything else on the counter, just the one item I used every day! We still don't know how he got loose that morning, his collar was on and tether was intact, it was like someone unclipped him. I woke up and found him sitting at the baby (cat) gate at the end of the hallway looking extremely proud of himself! It's still a mystery, but I always said that I think he was a magic dog!
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I first arrived at the Pet Loss Forum on April 6, 2004, after losing my Silly Little Cat, Buddy Guy, to intestinal lymphoma. One of the members who was here at the time wrote and posted this lovely poem:



A little red coat in its usual place,

A soft blue cloth to wipe your sweet face.

A plush doggie bed on the living room floor,

Muddy little paw prints still mark the side door.


Brushes in the cabinet all in a row,

A blue one for me and a red one for you

Your harness and leash still hang on the hook,

And on the end table your Memory Book.


Medicine on the shelf in the door of the 'fridge,

No need for this now, good health at the Bridge!

Toys in the basket in the office nook,

(Those who come here cast a sideways look.)


Your dishes in the curio, all washed and clean,

I know others wonder, "What does this mean?"

I have all your things but no longer have you...

You don't need them now…but I certainly do.


Author: Carol, Mo's Mom
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