I have been asked a buddy of mine if he could use my dog as a stud. But them I was told that it will cause harm to your dog if you don't continue to use him for that. They said it causes some kind of anal problems. Does anybody know if this is true? I was cosidering getting him fixed but if he could breed and not be harmed by it, then I would maybe re-consider.

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Why are you breeding if there are so many dogs at shelters :(  According to Dr Pitcairn's natural health of dogs and cats, up to 75% of dogs and cats born each year die because there are not enough homes.  I'd suggest if you're not sure about it or dont really know what yall doing not to go through with it.  There are a lot of problems you may run into.  A reputable breeder would know what they're doing and would only choose dogs they know have good health genes.
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Whether its a health issue or not, I don't really understand why people breed their animals when there are so many in shelters begging for someone to give them a home and some love.  Millions are put to death each year - because too many people go to breeders and pet shops.  Save a shelter dog or cat!
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If you are 100% sure you would like to breed from your dog then your vet can give you some telephone advise. Dogs that do not breed and are neuterd sooner rather than later are proven to have better tempraments and less dominant.
Coinside the breeders advise and prehaps your vets, but do take into account the amount of animals at shelters. It isnt supose to sound mean at all but I work at one and its heartbreaking. My neutering drive is an uphill battle. good luck
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