Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of online shopping. It’s crazy how easy it is to fix most of my anxieties and annoyances with a click. I saw a picture of you in my phone background. I can easily replace my comforter and get new sandals, but it hurts to know that “you” aren’t in stock. I love you so much. It’ll almost be one year since we said goodbye. Days become months and months will soon be years. I’m bitter thinking about how long I might live without you. That even if I get a new pup, there is only one you. You’re irreplaceable. I miss you always.
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I am so sorry about your loss....I know the pain is excruciating.  And you are right, all "material" items (possessions) can/could be replaced, but a beloved pet NEVER.  Also, for me, it will be a year in July 17, 2018, and it hurts so much, for a while the guilt (still feel guilty at times) could not even let me breath.  But, I read something somewhere that said "it is the price of love".  We love our pets so deeply and with intensity, because they give us in return unconditional love, fearless loyalty, incomparable companionship, they give us their all, every single day of their lives....

So, when they leave us, they leave an empty hollow space that can/could not be filled.  Perhaps, in time you will be able to open your heart to another four-legged-fur-baby.....we did and you are absolutely right "a new pet is not a replacement, of your lost pet", but it is a continuation of this chain that connects us once again to their unconditional love, fearless loyalty...…….

Prayers and hugs
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