They say that dreams are the window to the soul, and I do believe this to be so true. I have had a few truly incredible dreams about my sweet boy Jasper since he left this world eighteen months ago, and I cannot help but feel that these are proof positive that our dear little ones do live on, even after their little hearts stop beating in this earthly realm. My dreams always seem to occur at random times, and always seem to happen when I least expect them, and they never seem to come when the deep emptiness and sadness of his loss surround me. I have often heard that it is difficult for our little ones to break through when we are in the deepest throes of our grief, something about the immense depth and strength of the emotion somehow can block their attempts, not sure if this is so for everyone, but for me it has held true.

I remember the dream so clearly ... I was walking through a long dark tunnel, and I just knew I had to try to find my way out, it just felt so lonely and cold in there, and I wanted nothing more than than to find my way home, or wherever I was supposed to go. I felt very alone, and very scared, so I began running as fast as I could, and I ran and ran for the longest time, and then all of a sudden I saw it, the most beautiful radiant light, and when I finally stepped out of that tunnel and into that glow, it seemed to warm my very soul. The sky was such a vibrant blue, and the very air I was breathing seemed to be filled with a certain expectancy that something very special was about to happen.

I found myself in the sweetest place, surrounded by such lovely emerald green trees and brightly colored flowers, and there was the cutest little country cottage with one of those old time mailboxes, and then, I saw him ... my Jasper was sound asleep on the top of that very mailbox. He looked so content and so peaceful, almost as though he had never had any doubt that his mommy was coming home to him, he was simply waiting for me. My heart was filled with a joy and happiness unlike anything I had ever experienced as I picked my precious boy up and held him close to my heart, and all I kept thinking was, I cannot and I will not ever let you go ... then I woke up.

 I wanted more than anything to just stay there, the last thing I wanted was to "come back", but it just was not meant to be, but I still feel so very grateful for being able to hold my sweet boy again, even for only a few moments in time, in a different realm perhaps, but still so very sweet, and so very real. He was there, I held him so close to my heart, his loving little presence filled my very soul, of this I have no doubt, and for this I will forever be thankful. Love never dies, my words to my sweet boy when I kissed his dear little head as he took his very last little breath were ... "wait for me Jasper", he heard me, he really heard me.
Pamela Lynne Crawford
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Jaspers Mom,
    I have tears of joy for you!  As I was reading about your dream I smiled the biggest smile, and then the tears came, because your "sailor kitty" always hears you and showed you by coming to you in such a real, beautiful, sweet way. It gives me hope and inspiration. It lifts my spirits today and I really needed something like this to feel better about life, and also my girl Coco.
    What an amazing blessing for you!  Thank You for such an uplifting post. I love that dream, just beautiful!! Your love and connection with Jasper is eternal................take care of yourself....................Sincerely, Andrea.
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Jaspers mom...  how incredibly wonderful that you had such a beautiful experience.   He DID hear you and he is waiting for you.  Those signs and experiences are very real...and bring us to a new place in this world.  And it is true...love never dies.  Grief is the love left behind, but it will be there always, just in a different place and time.  Hugs to you and Jasper from me and Dali

Dali, as much a daughter as any human...  pure love
Until we meet again


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T hank you for sharing your glorious experience it truly gives one hope
Yes your Jasper is waiting for you and your dream was his reminder to you

My thoughts snd prayers are with you and your beloved Jasper

In Friendship
Bee- "Good night sweet prince & flights of angels see thee to thy rest"
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