We made the decision to say goodbye to our almost 15 yr old mini doxie 5 weeks ago. She was failing due to diabetis, couldn't hear, could no longer see, and had dementia. This decision didn't come easily and we consulted our vet with helping to make that decision. The vet assured us that we had her blessing because my Mia no longer had a quality of life. what it came down to was an article I read about"when it's time". The keep point was that a loyal pet will hang on no matter how much pain they're in to please their owner. She was as loyal as they come and always by my side. That being said, we put our girls suffering before the pain we're going thru now. I'm crying as I type this and I'm having such a hard time getting hold of my emotions.
My heart is broken
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I'm so very sorry to hear about Mia.

The grief seems to get worse after each passing hour, day, week. But - in time - there will also be more moments where you think of Mia and smile!

Wishing you a happy memory of Mia's sweet, soulful eyes and wet, happy kisses tonight.

A moment in our lives... a lifetime in our hearts.

Many hugs to you & Mia... Casey's mommy
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Just Me1~  I am very, very sorry to read about your Mia. And I truly, deep in my heart understand exactly how you feel. You took her pain. And you know that it was the loving and giving decision. But as you wrote, they rally sometimes for us or hang on for us...without any quality of life for themselves. Unconditional love right to the end. After 4 months since Lucy passed, I still have days when my emotions are on a dark roller coaster ride. Or like I am outside without a coat, in the middle of a snowstorm-- caught in a fierce blizzard-- and I am shivering. It's not just because I am cold. I am frozen-- in place. My heart is shivering...or pulsing...breaking.  Everything is just 'wrong'. Sorry for that long winded reply. It's just because I get it.

But on the better days, I think of what Lucy's existence might be like-- if at all. Think of Mia suffering. Could they have tried to hang on for us-- in pain & torment?  For how long? We know they were hurting for so long. We took their pain and showed them our own unconditional love. Many people don't get to be there, holding & stroking, talking to & loving their babies as they pass. You put Mia first because you loved her so much. Mia knew.  And she is with you always...forever.  Hugs, Kasey
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Dear Just-Me,
I feel so badly for what you are going through. The pain of losing your best friend is so excruciating.
I am so very sorry for your loss! Please take care.
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