Hey y’all, my 4 yr old old English bulldog was diagnosed with aggressive lymphoma about 4 weeks ago. He has a large tumor pressing on his colon. When he was diagnosed they gave home 4-8 weeks. Everything has been good up until a few days ago. He can no longer hold his bladder and is actually peeing while he walks, sits or does anything. He is pooping a lot inside the house too. He have never used the bathroom inside ever. He is also acting very restless. Is this maybe a sign that it’s getting close to the end? Has anyone else experienced this?
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Hi Lauren,
I’m so sorry about your sweet English bulldog!
I haven’t experienced this but it sounds like he is very close to the end and in fact with a large tumour pressing on his colon, he may be in very bad pain. In any case it sounds like his quality of life had diminished to the point where he really has none.
Sadly I would advise that it is time. You don’t want to have guilt that you let him linger too long. I know some friends who have expressed that and it’s a terrible thing to live with.
I think you should kiss your boy and tell him he’s the best dog in the world and tell him how much you love him and then go with him to the vet and stay with him while the vet helps to free him from pain and this life that has now become so very hard for him.
Be sure to post again with an update on how you are doing. It’s important for you to have support and you will find lots here!
Blessings and love to you during this painful time,
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Hi, Lauren,

My dog had cancer, too, and toward the end she seemed restless. Her chest was filling up with fluid which impacted her breathing. I did not want her to suffer so I had the vet put her to sleep but even then, without medical intervention, she would not have lasted long.

After the fact, something that gave me a little reassurance about my decision was reading about dogs' quality of life in terms of weighing the decision on what to do. One of the factors was loss of control. Apparently it is a big indicator of the dog's health and state of mind. 

A couple of links below might give you some thoughts to consider.

I am certain there are many other resources out on the web.

The thing about the spot you're in is that there is no good outcome. You have to decide what is the lesser of two evils for your dog, and what you can feel comfortable doing.

So sorry for your situation, it hurts a lot and you have my prayers.

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