It's a beautiful day here in Ohio.  I thought I'd go outside and tidy up the yard a bit.  I can't do it.  I just look at all of Eddie and Henry's "spots".  How much they loved laying in the sun.  All the times I helped Henry (blind so needed help everyday getting on and off deck to yard) on and around the deck.  I think I'll just leave the yard a mess because I just can't go out there yet.
Sue E
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Hello eddiesmom, in also in Ohio and it's nice we finally got a good day. With that being said, I too keep thinking my Niko should be out there laying in his fave spots, sniffing the air and looking around. I'd always peek on him cause I loved watching him so much. He was a 12.5 yr old Lab and my entire world. I had to put him down three days ago. I can barely function. I'm so so sorry you had to put two down so close to each other. I couldn't imagine the awful amount of pain you're in. I read your prior posts and I feel exactly like you feel. I hope you find comfort. Not sure where you are in Ohio but there are grief counseling centers just for the loss of a pet.
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Hi Eddiesmom,
I know how hard it is looking at their favorite places and somehow when the weather is nice it seems to remind us more of all the good times we had out doors with our babies. Just be kind to yourself and do things as you feel ready to do them. You have suffered such terrible loss and heartache!
I am thinking of you and sending you hugs! CK
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I know what you guys are talking about. When Dixie passd on Monday, I came home and cleaned up most of her stuff. Her big house, along with all her beds and everything else is stacked up out back. Her area is cleaned and swept. It kills me each time I go out back to see her reply area and all her belongings just sitting there. I can't throw anything away. I don't know what to do with it all. Since Monday, my wife has only been out back one time. She just can't bear it. The day before she passed, we bought some food and some stairs to help her get on the couch. Didn't even get a chance to use them. We took those back yesterday. How can our lives change so drastically in such a short time? Confused and still devastated...
Let your yard be for now. No rush to face any of that. Take care...
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I am so sorry for all of your losses.  I haven't  moved a thing that belonged to My Winston.  His toys are in the exact place he left them.  His food, treat jar, outside run are still where he left them. I moved his food and water bowl because I am fostering a little dog at this moment.  He has his own small bowl and water dish.  I have no desire to move anything that belonged to Winston.  

I just don't feel it is time yet, and I still want his memory in Our house.
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