I'm sorry if this isn't the place for talking about such things, but, it's the only place that brings me comfort and makes me feel safe, so if it's alright I'd like to ask for support. 


Recently, I lost my best friend and companion in a rabbit named VinBun. He was my light. My life. My everything. He kept me strong, he kept me going, even though I've suffered from mental illnesses and suicidal thoughts throughout my entire life. Just before losing him, however, I brought a hamster named Dinkle. When VinBun passed, he was my support. He carried on keeping my strength up, and while I have quite a few animals now, none of them really compare to him. None of them make me feel so good. 


I'm writing this because his time will be over too, soon. Hamsters don't live long, and we've already had him for over a year and a half.  

The reason I think this also is because he's changed. He's stopped eating as much a usual. He's losing his eyesight, and has stopped proper grooming. He even bit me the other day, which he hasn't done since I first picked him up. 


I'm so scared of losing him. I can't stand the thought of waking up without him by my side, smiling happily at me with his goofy little expression. 


I don't want him to die. I love him so much. I'm not ready to lose another. I don't have the will power to  cope with it. I'm so scared. 


Would it be possible to get any advice on the situation? Maybe links to anything that can help me? 


I don't know how I'll deal with this again. I really really don't.

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fishprince, so sorry to read of the loss of your loved vinbun.  as for dinkle, all I can suggest is that you feel his end may be in the near future that you try to enjoy each additional day you are offered with him.  if there seems to be a medical issue, of course you should see your vet if only to ease your fears of something being wrong.  better to have fears confirmed or denied rather than to have him pass and you begin to think "i should have done something, I could have done something to help him".  guilt after a loss is normal but if we can avoid it by being proactive (as long as our pet shows us they aren't well - some just don't) then we should do it and know in our heart and head that we could not have done anything more than we did.  losing any of our loved companions just takes a piece of our heart and we're here for you.  I hope you find this as safe and comforting place as I have because the people here are the most compassionate and caring humans I have ever been blessed to come to know.  many many hugs for you.
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Fishprince.  I agree with Jersey.  Maybe a trip to the vet for your Dinkle.  Losing a pet always hurst.  I guess it comes with the territory.  I lost Winston 3/2/16 It was him and I for 12 great years.  I also lost my Max in 05.  Iv'e just adopted a little chiuaua i was fostering, he is 10.   I don't know if you bought these pets or rescued them, but I know i feel comfort in helping a rescue animal.  Maybe this is something you could think of.  Blessings  Sue
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