It’s been 2 years today since Hobo passed away. He didn’t want to go but his little body was done. He was 17 and had been in our family for 14 years.

He was my sons first ever best friend. He welcomed him as a newborn and loved him as part of our pack and was never once jealous or snappy. He was a lover of people and children. We had friends and family try to get their own little Hobo and adopt Jack Russells because he left such a great impression on them.

Hobo loved life and he was very persistent in getting the most out of every day and getting his way - treats, bin scraps, chasing the cats, chewing up toys... he also was an escape artist and would run and run and run if he escaped the yard (luckily not very often).

I just wanted to put up a little post to honour his memory. I’ll never forget him. We have 2 new dogs now and his sister as well who is getting older she’s 14. We love them so much but Hobo will always have a special place in my heart.

Cutest dog in history as per the little medal my son made him.

Until we meet again.
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He's adorable. Thanks for sharing his stories and honoring his memory.

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He looks so sweet.  Thanks for sharing his picture.
Teri Milbourn
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It’s wonderful to post Hobo’s pictures and story on this; his 2 year Anniversary at the Rainbow Bridge. He sounds like such a smart and loveable/loving dog and such a handsome face! You were lucky to find each other in this life and I do believe you will see each other again. Wishing you peace my dear,
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