Molly Bond Long:
October 1997 - December 30, 2009
I found you in Atlanta Georgia, on a rainy Thanksgiving night when you were just a tiny ball of mud. Whimpering and shivering in the cold November rain. On the other side of the street from you lay your last litter-mate, dead from a car. I brought you in and you have enriched everyday of my life for the past twelve years. We have had wonderful experiences together; driving the Blue Ridge Parkway in my convertible, living in New Orleans, the Whitfield Estate and Saluda to name but a few. My heart is crushed now that you are gone and I will never be the same. You will be in my heart forever. I will see you when I get there and we can cuddle once more...
I love you Molly, forever and always...
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What a beautiful Girl,and what a lucky Girl Molly was that you found her,and that you loved her so much.She's Beautiful.And to be in your heart forever is all she would wish I'm sure.It sounds as if you both had so much fun,and the day that you found her was a very lucky day for you both.Your life wont ever be the same,it cant be when we loose such a loving family member,but in time life will go on,and you will replace your tears in exchange for happy memories of Molly,until that day we are reunited.

Love and Light
Fairy Kisses for your precious Baby xxxxxx
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