Our Chocolate Lab, Molli, was given her breakfast one morning. It was the same that she always got, one measure of Solid Gold Holistique, one blob of canned food, a tablespoon of yogurt and some powdered Solid Gold Seameal. This dog could only be distracted from eating by one thing: a bounce of her tennis ball. This one morning she stopped short of finishing her breakfast. This is a dog that claw would under the stove to retrieve one bit of kibble that she saw bounce underneath.

About the same time, I noticed that she would not release her tennis ball after a few throws. I just figured that she was getting older. After a short period of this aberrant behavior, we took her to her doctor.

Her doctor recommended an ultrasound which revealed a large tumor on her spleen. The biopsy indicated that it was hemangiosarcoma. If you don't know what this is, I pray that you never will. Her surgeon said that the tumor had just barely begun to bleed. This is horrible news with hemangiosarcoma. She died only four months later.

Of course, it occurred to me that if I had taken her in earlier, the tumor would not have leaked. As it turned out, this would have made little difference in her long term outlook, but it still haunts me.

If your pet exhibits a change in its behavior, consider discussing the change with your vet as soon as possible.

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That is so true, goggomobil. I know what you mean the signs they show some time, we as people simple ingore as old age, but they are more serious health issues. We don't realize until its to late.  Then we feel guility for not caring enough to them to the vet sooner. When its too late, we feel left them down, since they relie on us.

People with older cats be aware if your cat is not using its litterbox and have begun to soil your floors and or beddings. Watch for weight loss and if they are not eating or eating to much.  Also watch how much water they are drinking and if are urinating alot.  This could be hyperthryoidism.  Be careful if you feed your cat moist food, try not buy can but instead buy pouch, because there could a link between what processor line their cans with and with thryoidism.  Most important remember always use some type of flea control and make sure its working, if not those bloodsuckers can make your cat, amenic and weak a sick cat even more.  If I only knew now, after I had to euthanized my cat, Shebba My baby would still be here with me.      
I want people to know that hyperthryoidism is treatable. What was killing my cat, Shebba was servere amenic cause by fleas. They ( fleas ) fed on her weak body, due the weigh she loss. Her blood count was 10. She needed a blood tranfusion, just to get by. At her age and condition it was not sadly to say likely she would live through the tranfusion. It was hardest decision I had to make, allowing her to be euthanize.  Luckily I had my dad there with me. He went through it when he had to put our family dog Sparkey to sleep, some years before. 

 Make sure you watch your pets behavior. Love,hug and kiss now while they are physically  here with you.  Because that one nightmare day dose come and they are taken away from us on earth.  Then we have wait at bridge to see them once agian.       

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My Thunder had the same type of tumor but it wasn't attached to his spleen. The vet even thought it was strange. We didn't have any time to try and figure out what it was beause of the chance of it rupturing just overnight and he could of bled to death. His abdominal area was like the size of a beach ball, just in a matter of days, this happened. Unfortuanetly, we didn't have any warning signs with ours until we saw his stomach area.
I am feeling the same as you are right now and I don't know how to deal with the grief.....if only this.....if only that. Questions in my head that I will never have the answers to.
Behavior doesn't always show until it is too late to change anything. Learned that the hard way.
Thoughts are with you
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Thank you for that insight.  It is normal to think that they are just off and not take them to the Vet.  I for one will be more vigilant with my new baby Pippin.
Barbara Lyngarkos
My Beloved Ted 8/7/2005 - 7/7/10
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