Breaking my heart when i wake up in the morning and i cant see you or feel the warm in my back as you was laying down so closely. i sadly now realize how important was your presence in the daily basic in our life, you make our life complete.When my baby Ethan pass you help me cope with the grieve. Its hard live without you because you was one of the reasons that makes me get out of the bed just to prepare you something to eat and i will grab my coffee and we just be in the garden enjoying the plants, the trees and the birds.

( I gift nature with your body so you can nurture The birds, the flowers and the trees so one day i will see you thru them.           Elethia Cosme )                  

Elethia C&C
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Your picture says it all. Your sweet little boy was well loved. I cried a month before I had to euthanize my girl, as she was going down. Weeks after and about once a month for since Nov. 18th 2019. I couldn't even sleep in my room. I slept on the couch for 5 months and just returned to my room last month. It's painful..You have support and understanding here.
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I am so sorry for your loss. Your picture shows how much love you had.. 
In my prayers
alan farlowe
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I’m so very sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing this lovely picture. As Alan said it shows so much love!
Hugs to you! 
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I too feel the emptiness of having lost a beloved pet  I hope your pain eases soon.  The chatroom available through this website is helping me. 
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