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Thinking of you, too, Jen.  It is hard to NOT be sentimental at this time of the year.  I feel it creeping in already.  It really takes a long time to get through this, doesn't it?   I'm thinking maybe we never really get over it.  Like you, I am so busy most of the time so I can't really dwell on the loss.  But, wow, when it slows down a bit, I find myself thinking about Scottie quite a bit.   Anyway, I know I'm moving forward with my life and I hope you are too but that doesn't stop us from missing our babies!   I'm so sorry you had that horrible dream.   I don't know where those things come from.  I guess it is anguish & frustration we have pushed down and then it pops out in those kinds of dreams. 
Hoping your holiday season goes well for you.  Thinking of you and wishing you peace.
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Thanks Donalee

that dream was weird but its never happened again (touch wood) l think  when l am idle to many sad thoughts creep in , which is why l keep myself very busy, l have been doing really well otherwise l hope you have been good, and  l hope you have a great christmas  l will be thinking of you and  everyone who has lost a special pet  over the holiday season
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