I jist got back the biopsy results and my little girl has cancer. I'm so scared, for her and for myself. She's my baby, my best friend, my companion, she's my heart. I know the time comes for everyone, but I don't want her to hurt. I'm scared for what's ahead. I'm scared, because I know whatever it is, it's not going to be pleasant for her and just the thought of something going on inside her little body, is so painful. I wish I could find that magic treatment that gives me at least 7 more years with her and all she hurts from is arthritis.

My little girl is a Shih Tzu and she just turned 11. The vet noticed that her left adrenal gland was bigger than the right on a routine US in November 2018. He recommended doing a follow up US a few months later to make sure it was not growing. At that point ot was 10mm. We did an US last week and it is now 26mm. He performed a FNA biopsy and the pathologist said it seems to be some sort of sarcoma, so it's not an adrenal tumor. They actually did not see normal adrenal tissue, ao he thinks it may be a tumor surrounding tha adrenal gland. He referred me to an oncologist for followup. I don't know what happens after this. I assume the next step is staging, possibly with a PET scan, before considering treatment options.

I feel like this is the worst case scenario. I thought- "ok, it's growing fast but it's probably (has to be) benign and we just have to keep monitoring it. The worst could be that it's actually malignant. Well, the worst would be that it's a metastasis, but that is just negative thinking."

This sucks.

I keep thinking what I could have missed. What I could have done to prevent this. She's had a few little lumps under her skin for years, but her vet always told me not to worry about it, so I trusted him. Now I wonder if it was one of those lumps that lead to this. Muchas oportunidades little girl😭💔💔
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I am sorry for the sad/scary medical news.  My advice is "take one step at a time".  My beloved male doggie, Sol, was diagnosed/suffered - seizures, compromised liver and a lung condition(?).  I knew that our time was limited....Sol and I fought these for a whole year.  The time is never enough.  What, I'm trying to say is, I know what you are going through, the fear, the "wanting" to take their pain/illness away, the wishing for a "miracle".   Everyone here, has suffered a loss and we all understand you.  ((Hugs))
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Jannette do you have the appointment with the oncologist scheduled? Is she showing any signs? Google PETMD they have a lot of info on Adrenal Gland Cancer. I think you should know as much as you can going into this. Write down the questions you have, or u may forget. You didn’t do anything wrong. It says they don’t even know the cause. Hugs,,,,,
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