I miss my parakeet so much. It flew out the door when my dad left the door open. I heard it chirping but I couldn't see it! I don't know where it is :(
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I hope your precious Parakeet is able to find it's way back home, keep looking for your Parakeet, maybe the sound of your voice will help guide him/her home.
Sending our best wishes your way.
Sincerely Don & Vera
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Oh, I'm so sorry! I so hope it comes back home! I know your heart is hurting.
-Missing Marissa deeply
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Oh no, I so hope your parakeet comes back. Keep looking and calling, like Don said maybe he will hear your voice? I'll say a few prayers for the little bird to come safely home to you.
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I wonder if you put his cage outdoors maybe on a deck or verandah with the cage door open and also with some of his things inside .. If he is in the vicinity it would be a safe place for him and hopefully you may find him waiting inside for you. Best of luck,
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