My heat goes out to all.
This stay at home mandate has exaggerated the stress and the grief of losing a pet.
I did see the other post about possibility if adopting another pet would help.  If you look on line,  there is really good guidance on this.
I've been in the process of setting up shop remotely from home by my employer,  and it took away the meaning and dedication I had when I formally put my baby girl to rest.
I did see comments about not wanting to euthanize,  I was the same way,  but I made the appointment,  but she didn't wait,  she died at home with me.  It was not pleasant to watch.  Bringing her ashes home shortly after brought some relief,  But I still have very realistic dreams about her being alive which bothers me.  Love to all.
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My girl passed at home a few nights ago and it was so very hard to watch. I miss her so much. Sorry about your baby. I'm learning how to navigate the site. 
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