Hello. My name is David, I'm 17 and I've always had a special place in my heart for animals. Right now I'm in pain. My heart cries out for answers but there's none to be found. 

I had a cat her name is Miss Kitty. I loved Miss Kitty with all my heart. She had a very special way of showing her love for me. She would jump up onto a table and meow. I'd walk over to her and she'd stand up on her back legs and put her front paws on my chest and then lay her head down on my chest and happily purr letting me know how much she loved me. But now Miss Kitty is gone.  She's been gone for over a week, and I have no idea where she's at or what's happened to her.

There's a small "kitty door" where so could come and go as she pleased. She would often go outside at night and play with my next door neighbors cat. But she would always return early in the morning and I'd wake up and see her sleeping next to me or in the chair near my computer. She's never been gone this long before. 

My mind is spinning with thoughts that something terrible has happened to her.

I've talked with the neighbors and they haven't seen her.

Here's a brief background on Miss Kitty. Back in January 2009 a friend found a  tiny little kitten wandering the streets lonely and hungry. He picked her up and he brought her to my house. He gave the tiny kitten to me and I named her Miss Kitty. She's been with me ever since then. But now she's gone and my heart is broken.

Here's 2 scenarios that might explain what happened to her.

(1) Where I live there's a lot of stray dogs that roam the neighborhood at night searching for food. I don't live in the U.S. and where I do live there's very little animal control. There's only one shelter and it's only purpose is to kill the dogs that are picked up wandering the streets. And they don't pick up cats. There's very few cats where I live at. Dogs are the preferred pets. Miss Kitty might have fallen victim to the stray dogs. I have 5 dogs and she's grown up around dogs. My dogs and Miss Kitty always played together, and so she didn't know there are dogs that would harm her. 

(2) I noticed that recently Miss Kitty was loosing weight and her fur was constantly wet. But her appetite was strong. I've heard that when a pet isn't feeling well, they usually stop eating. I fed Miss Kitty twice a day and she always ate all of her food without exception. And so I thought that she must be doing ok. A few days ago someone told me that pets have ways of masking pain and disease, and they won't show that they're suffering until they finally go off to hide and die. If this is what has happened to Miss Kitty I will never forgive myself. 

The hardest part for me is not knowing for sure what's happened to her.
And without knowing where she's at or what's happened to her, there can never be closure, and that's what hurts the most. 

My prayers are that God will show me where Miss Kitty is at, or bring her back to me. 

Thank you for reading this and I appreciate your thoughts and comments.

I attached 2 pics. The first pic is Miss Kitty, and the second pic is me with Daisy, one of my dogs. 

Peace be with you.


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Hello David, Miss Kitty is a very pretty girl and I'm so sorry that she's been missing this past week.

I don't have any great words of wisdom...or advice...for you, apart from I'll pray that she returns or someone finds her. I can't imagine what it must feel like, knowing she's out there somewhere, but not knowing where.

Have you put up posters around town? Asked around? Is she in season, or have you had her speyed?

I'm sorry that I can't offer you more advice. I really hope you find your little one. I can hear in your post how worried and upset you are.

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Hi David. Miss Kitty, is so so beautiful. Its so hard not knowing what happened to her. I agree. posters, call the animal society, door to door.  I will keep you and her in my prayers.  Judy

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I'm so sorry for what your enduring.  I know it's got to be so frustrating no knowing where Miss Kitty is at.  I would be pulling my hair out and screaming in frustration.

I so hope that she is well and will return.  I think putting up posters is a grea idea.  It might help more than you realize.  I did that once.  We had a beautiful male cat come into our garage and wouldn't leave.  He was obviously a house cat.  We took him in and took care of him.  I posted flyers up around the neighborhood.  No sooner than I put the last one up and returned home, a lady came to a screeching halt in front of our house to claim her cat.

I hope Miss Kitty returns alive and well to you.

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What a special young man you are to have such a heart for animals.  I'm sorry you are in such pain.  And it is true, the 'not knowing' is probably the worst.   There are many here on this website who have been through similar situations and they will understand totally. 
Miss Kitty is absolutely gorgeous (those green eyes!) and I loved seeing your picture with Daisy.  I'm going to pray with all my heart that God leads you to her, as you say, even one way or the other but I certainly hope she is OK.  I am on this website because my dog got sick and passed away about 5 months ago but I also have 3 cats.  So, I understand how you love both! 
No matter what, David, you gave Miss Kitty a wonderful life and it isn't your fault.  But, I surely understand you are desperate to know.  I'll be praying for you and Miss Kitty.
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Please keep us posted David. 

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i read your post, i understand how you must be feeling and i pray you will not be suffering too long in that fact you dont know what has happened to your Miss Kitty.
She is very beautiful, i hope that she is ok, i hope that that you find her well and safe
ask everyone, put up some posters
keep us informed
take care
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You are a special young man.  I hope you always have this love for the babies, as many of us have.  My son is a bit older than you and is as passionate about dogs, especially.  It takes an understanding of love, that only our babies can teach us.  You are young enough to adopt yourself, when the time comes...but don't ever forget the past.  Those loves will keep molding you your entire life. 

I hope your grief can lessen...although I hope your memories of Miss Kitty never go away.  She is with you always...she is living on a different plane than we are...but I believe she can see you, even though  you can't see her.  She will be your guardian angel....just ask her.


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Miss Kitty is beautiful.  I am so sorry you are in such pain.  I have also heard about cats going off when they are sick.  I don't know if that is an old wives tail though.  Not knowing must be excruciating.  There are a few others on this site who have lost there babies in this same manner.  I wish there was something I could say to make you feel better but I know there isn't.  Just know that you are not alone.  There are many here who care about you and Miss Kitty.  You can come and talk when you need to and it will help you feel a little better.  I hope and pray that you find her.
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