After having to put down our Basset Sadie Roo yesterday morning we had to put down our 8 yr old black lab Big Joe this morning. He never goes to the road but this morning I was getting in my truck to go to work and I heard it all happen. When I got to the road he was alive but it was bad. I had to do it myself. I'm sick, I'm pissed, I'm questioning my faith!! Why? All my dogs are rescues, I don't know what I'm trying to say here. Maybe later.
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I'm so sorry. I wish you peace through such a hard time to process. Take your time to heal. Blessings to you and your babies.
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Oh my!! This is terrible. Im' crying for you and can't imagine the pain of losing two babies so close. I'm angry and losing my faith too going through this pain. My heart goes out to you and yours.
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Oh this is too too awful.  How cruel for you, I'm so sorry.  You loved your dogs so much, that comes right through., and one day that will bring you comfort but right now you need to work through all the
emotions which will be all over the place.     It is perfectly natural to question one's faith at such a time.  All of us here reading this will be feeling for you deeply.   If you feel like it later come back and talk some more,  tell us about your beloved Sadie Roo and Big Joe. 
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Oh my word.  I can't even imagine.  You barely had a chance to process just losing Sadie Roo, then you lose Big Joe.  AND having to do it yourself?! Oh my heart aches for you!  I agree it's natural to question faith and ask why, why does God give us these sweet babies to love and care for and then they are gone?!  My thoughts and prayers are with you.  I echo Katel and would like to hear more about your babies, when you are ready.
Remembering Nemo, ?2004 to 2015, my male Chihuahua mix, my punkinbutter, gone to Rainbow Bridge 01/30/2015 after a year-long bout with heart failure.  Mama misses you, baby.
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