My sweet cat, Grady passed Sunday morning and I'm devastated. He was the sweetest cat ever.

I took him in as a stray 8 years ago. Took him to the vet since he was on the streets to be checked for fleas and found out he had FIV. He was healthy for the last 8 years but started going downhill a month ago. He was being cared for by a vet and thought he was getting better. Saturday night he cried in pain so I rushed him to,the emergency vet. They admitted him for a blood transfusion and thought he'd be there a few days. Sadly, he died at the veterinary hospital on Sunday morning. I'm broken hearted.

He was so sweet, loved to cuddle. Even loved going to the vet's office. He was a local celebrity.

I don't know what I'll do without him.

This picture was when I left him at the hospital. I went to see him after he died and hold him one last time and tell him how happy he made me and what a good boy he was. I'm picking up his ashes later today.
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I'm sorry or the loss of Grady. I'm glad you rescued and loved him for all his years. I know he at peace now, waiting to see you again one day. You did a great thing, giving him the happy, loving life you had together.
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