I am heartbroken.  Our sweet ferret, Gadget, died on Monday. 

Last summer, my son Brian, worked at a restaurant.  One of the other young men who worked there had a ferret he wanted to find a new home for.  My son went to see him and fell in love with him.  He wanted to take him back to school with him in Ohio at the end of the summer.  The day he was scheduled to go back, we went to buy an approved pet carrier.  When we got to the airport, we were told by the airline reps, ferrets could not fly.  I was shocked and upset.  I was just getting over the shock of our precious papillion, Nicholas, having died in November of 2008.  I tearfully took the ferret back to his previous owner. 

A month later, my daughter was very sad about a bad breakup and being unemployed.  After much soul-searching, I discussed with my son and daughter the possibility of us "fostering" Gadget until my son could take him back with him by car in the future.  My daughter agreed she would help with his care.

So my daughter and I took care of Gadget.  We would let him out of his house twice a day so he could play and exercise.  I ferret-proofed our home and we had established a routine.  Gadget was so sweet and just adorable and fun to watch and play with. 

My husband however, was not keen on having him.  I would alway remind him when Gadget was out to be careful, walk lightly. 

Last Sunday, Gadget was out and I was following him.  I was upstairs with Gadget and told my husband he was out and to be careful.  I followed him down the stairs.  He was at the bottom of the stairs exploring my son's laptop bag and I had my back to him and was talking to my daughter. The next thing I hear a commotion and little Gadget ran under the sofa.  My husband had stepped on him!  I couldn't believe it.  My daughter and I picked him up and comforted him.  I thought I would just lay him down on one of his little beds after a few minutes and as I was holding him he made this pitiful little sound I had never heard before.  I was heartbroken. 

He was so weak, not moving much.  We took him to a vet.  She checked him out and said he didn't seem to have any fractures and other signs seemed to indicate he did not have internal injuries.  The only way to be absolutely sure was to take x-rays, which would have cost $400.  She recommended pain medication and to keep an eye on him overnight. 

We took him home and watched him and gave him his pain medication.  He drank less and less water as the evening progressed.  The next morning, I thought, my God, he must be dehydrated and he obviously hadn't eaten.  I had some Pedialtyte that I bought in case he got sick and I was started to administer it.  Again he was making these pitiful sounds.  I was dipping my finger into the Pedialyte and rubbing it on his gums. I was cradling him and talking to him, telling him that I loved him and then I noticed his little paws were quivering and he stopped breathing. 

I was in shock.  We really thought he would make it.  My husband apologized to all of us and has told me over and over how sorry he is, that he knew Gadget was more my pet than my son and daughter's. 

I feel so sad.  We took such good care of him and I'm so upset that he died the way he did.  I feel like I didn't protect him.  I'm so hurt and sad.  I go into the kitchen and see his cage with his little hammock and toys and for a second I think, oh he's sleeping and then it hits me. 

I never thought I would be so attached to him.  But he grew on me.  He would look into my eyes with such trust.  I would kiss his little nose!  He was just so precious and I miss him very much.  I can't believe it. 
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oh no, I am so sorry for your loss. Our beloved fur babies really touch our hearts and when they leave us it's heartbreaking. Gadget knew you loved him and it was just an unfortunate accident. I hope you are ok, I am thinking of you xx

Mia Jessie aged: 11 years. Always our puppy girl xxxxxx
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I am so sorry to hear about your precious Gadget's accident and death.  I am so glad that you were able to hold him as he crossed over.  As painful as this can be, I really think that this was good for both of you.  Your baby left knowing how truly special he was to you and you will always find comfort knowing that you gave him this peace.

They so quickly find a place in our hearts. 

I'm so sorry that this accident happened.  Your husband must feel so bad.

Thinking of all of you and hoping that you find peace with this.


Karen,Kudo and Nico's mom
Earth mom to Marco and Bella
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I am very sorry you are in such pain.  These precious little companions weedle their way into our hearts in a way that can never be undone.  It doesn't matter that your husband didn't really connect to Gadget.  I am sure he is devastated too.  Especially to know he has caused you such pain.  It will take time to heal. Everyone here understands the pain you are feeling.  Please visit Ted's page, there are some poems that may comfort you..
Barbara Lyngarkos
My Beloved Ted 8/7/2005 - 7/7/10
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Im so sorry for your loss. It makes it more difficult when it´s an accident. Our cat was run over 7 weeks ago so I know what it feels like. But your little friend is in a better place now and one day you will meet again. There are no magic words to make the pain go away but time will heal. Just keep on writing here and talking about it cause that´s the only thing I found that helps.

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Thank you all for responding.  You understand as others cannot.  You have been there and some of you have suffered losses just recently.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your compassion and kind words.

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we really do understand the pain as we are all there or have been there. its a week today for me, and a hard day too.
stay connected here, because having people here and telling us how you feel, will help you get throught it.  Judy:)
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